Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It was Sunday afternoon when we went to Cosmos ( a drugstore/ grocery store here in Japan ) and the line to the cashier is a bit long so I decided to look around while my husband is waiting for our turn.   Of course in what section would I go?  Cosmetics section , mochiron! hehehe! 

So I look around and saw this BB cream that says it can cover my pores and has spf 50 as well.  BB cream and sunscreen in one, why not?

When we came home , I asked my husband to read what's written at the back because I can't read Japanese.  hehehehe

My husband said that it is a makeup base, foundation, concealer and sunscreen in one and has a high coverage plus it can cover my pores. Long lasting moisture and will keep my skin smooth. 

The crown that you see in the picture means it is the number one brand at the moment.

I tried it the next day and here is my review:

the product comes in a squeeze tube.

  light creamy texture

without flash
with flash

It did cover the redness in my face but there are still some visible pores. 
 It blends well and it makes my skin looks fresh and hydrated.  I didn't have to retouch for a long time. 

And the most important thing is I just applied one product but I got the benefits of a primer, sunblock, moisturizer, foundation and concealer.


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