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Review and Swatches: Some Daiso Makeup Products Part 2

Hello my kawaii sistahs!

If you haven't read the 1st part of this post, please click it here...

daiso blush
TP Mineral Pearl Cheek-Rose

So our 8th item is the TP Mineral Pearl Cheek in color Rose.

This blush costs 210円.

Made in Taiwan.

This 6.5g blush comes in a compact case with mirror.

As you can see in the photo above, the product itself broke into pieces.  I accidentally dropped it after presenting in my July Daiso haul video.

For me, this blush is a little delicate and soft but wait!

I love this blush! I love the color and the glow it gives my cheeks when I'm wearing it.

The color is not too harsh and it gives me this natural looking rosey cheeks specially in photos. 

It didn't give me any breakouts as well.

I am still planning to purchase the other tones of this blush.

I just have to be more careful next time and keep it in a more safer place to avoid from breaking..

daiso blush
swatch of TP mineral pearl cheek- rose

Nose Shadow- shadow and highlight.
9th item is the Nose Shadow.

This product costs 100円。

Made in Taiwan.

For me this is one of the "so... so..." products

I don't like it but I don't hate it.

I use it when it's needed for me to have a more sharper looking nose.

But for regular days, I prefer using my Canmake nose shadow.

You wouldn't want to use a nose shadow as dark as this on regular days right?

Daiso Eyelash Glue - transparent
10th item  is this transparent eyelash glue.

This product costs 100円.

I only have one thing to say about this product.

Don't buy it!

daiso mascara
Daiso Volume Mascara
11th item is this Volume Mascara

This product costs 100円.

Made in Korea.

It comes in a cute pink container and a pretty decent mascara wand.

The product itself has not too thick creamy texture but it doesn't feel heavy in the eyes.

I love this mascara and I know you will love it too =)

I could say that this mascara is pretty decent for 100円.

You could even compare it with other high end Japanese drugstore mascara products.

Daiso brown eyebrow pencil

Daiso Brown eyebrow pencil

12th and 13th item are the brown eyebrow pencils above.

both costs 100円 each.

The first one is in dual end pencil. 

It has a brush and a twist type pencil on the other end.

The second one is in a "need a sharpner" type.

I don't know how to call that.. so let's just call it like that.. hehehe

I'd been using this for a long time.

Maybe about 3-4 years now.

Both of the eyebrows are in decent quality.

If you want a lighter brown color I recommend the second one, and the first one for a more darker tone.

Daiso Premium finish Lip Liner- Maron Brown

14th item is the Premium finish Lip Liner in Maron Brown.

This product costs 210円.

Made in Japan.

This is a kind of soft and creamy lip liner.

Pretty decent quality for 210円。

You could also compare this product with other highend Japanese drugstore products.

lip liner swatch

DO Lipgloss in KK20

15th item and second to the last item is the DO Lipgloss in KK20

This product costs 100円.

Made in Korea.


This lipgloss has a light creamy texture and it doesn't feel sticky and heavy in the lips.

It only has light coverage.

It smells and taste like vanilla.

Packaging is pretty cute.

But I couldn't say anything more special with this product.

Again, one of the ""

I don't like it but I don't hate it.

DO lipgloss swatch

Elfa Classic Rouge in RO-2

Lastly, for our 16th item, is the ELFA Classic Rouge Lipstick in RO-2

This lipstick costs 100円.

Made in Taiwan.

At the display, I thought it was a nude lipstick so I was surprised when I opened it and found out that it's in an orangey tone.

That is what I don't like with Daiso lipsticks.

No testers so you couldn't see the real color of the lipstick and even the lipstick has a color swatch at the bottom, the color is still different when you opened it.

Honestly speaking, I don't buy lipsticks in Daiso.

I bought this one for the thought of using it on my 1000円 makeup challenge video.

I don't like the colors and quality of the lipsticks.

Hey, please don't misunderstood...

I also have cheaper brand lipsticks which I really adore.

I'm just telling what I feel with Daiso lipsticks.

RO-2 swatch


I already made a review about these two blushes before.

Please click here to see..

Well that's it!

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