Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It was Sunday afternoon when we went to Cosmos ( a drugstore/ grocery store here in Japan ) and the line to the cashier is a bit long so I decided to look around while my husband is waiting for our turn.   Of course in what section would I go?  Cosmetics section , mochiron! hehehe! 

So I look around and saw this BB cream that says it can cover my pores and has spf 50 as well.  BB cream and sunscreen in one, why not?

When we came home , I asked my husband to read what's written at the back because I can't read Japanese.  hehehehe

My husband said that it is a makeup base, foundation, concealer and sunscreen in one and has a high coverage plus it can cover my pores. Long lasting moisture and will keep my skin smooth. 

The crown that you see in the picture means it is the number one brand at the moment.

I tried it the next day and here is my review:

the product comes in a squeeze tube.

  light creamy texture

without flash
with flash

It did cover the redness in my face but there are still some visible pores. 
 It blends well and it makes my skin looks fresh and hydrated.  I didn't have to retouch for a long time. 

And the most important thing is I just applied one product but I got the benefits of a primer, sunblock, moisturizer, foundation and concealer.


  1. i would love to try it. if only it is available here heehe

  2. can i buy that here in philippines? i want one!!! -chams

    1. Hi Chams!
      Sorry I don't know =(
      I also asked my sister if she knows any place where you can buy any Japanese makeup products but unfortunately wala din syang alam. I can provide you one pag-uwi q ng Pilipinas kaya lng next year pa aq uuwi. Mga bandang March or April pa.

  3. hello!

    kaya nga eh mas popular din kase dito ang korean products. Unfortuantely i cant find any liquid form make up or bb cream thats suits my face. maganda lng kase xa after i put it on pero since humid ang weather dito and i tend to sweat a lot puma panget na xa and someone told me "acidic" daw un facial skin ko that is after an hour or less after i put on make up nag da darken na xa kaagad. Thats why i settle with powder form foundation or mineral foundation or any good loose powder nalang.

    Can u recommend me any japanese brand make up in powder form gusto ko sana pabili sayo hehe if okay lang. By the way my skin is medium to fair with yellow undertones.:) -chams

    1. Ay parehas tayo Chams! Ako din acidic. Pati skin tone parehas. hahaha!

      For the powder sad to say, I haven't tried any powder type na foundation here. Kaya wala akong mai-suggest sayo. Pero may I suggest non-Japanese products na ginagamit ko dati sa Pilipinas that I can assure you na magla-last kahit acidic ang skin mo?

      When I was still living in the Philippines, I used to use the BB Magic Balm from Etude House. If I'm not mistaken, 750 pesos ang price nya. And then sineset q xa with Revlon's Colorstay Mineral Foundation. 700+ pesos din yun.Yung luma ang hiyang q. yung bago kc nila, yung medyo basa, hindi ko nahiyangan kaya ang ending binigay q n lng sa sister q. And then palagi akong may dalang Nature's Minerals blotting paper from the body shop. Hindi mo n kailangan magdala ng powder pang retouch kc yung blotting paper na yun may kasama n rin xang mineral powder. Yung tatlong yun ang combo q dati.

      But for Japanese products, cguro itong Pore Putty favorite ko and yung BB cream from Daiso. Meron pa pala yung MAQuillAGE foundation kaya lng medyo pricey kaya medyo tinitipid tipid kong gamitin hahahaha!.

      Okay lang na magpabili ka sa'kin kaya lang mas maganda cguro pag-uwi ko n lng para hindi ka na gumastos ng malaki sa shipping fee. 900円 kc ang minimum ng ems para sa Asia. Kulang-kulang 500 pesos din.

      Salamat at binigyan mo ako ng idea ng bagong products na ita-try.
      Hayaan mo hahanap tayo ng magandang powder. =)

  4. kung pwede huwag lang sana ung sobrang mahal ung can afford lang hehe.thanks!

  5. hehehe nakakatuwa pareha pa tayo ng skin type. cge try ko ung bb magic cream sa etude house sana makahanap din ako nung mineral sa revlon mejo mahirap kase maghanap dito ng revlon product sa location ko. Cge ate naka bookmark na tong page mo, hehe if ever makahanap ka ng magandang powder jan pabili ako paguwi mo dito.
    Pag na try ko na yung na recommend mo ill give you an update if nag work din saken.=) -chams

  6. What type of brush are you using to apply the bb cream in your video?

    1. It's a multi foundation brush from Marie Collection.

  7. That seems like a pretty good product.
    Thanks for blogging about it.
    All BB Creams are like that...
    It usually comes with an SPF... And it's a concealer, foundation, and moisturizer...
    They are like the epitome of Korean cosmetics...
    If I may suggest... Try Missha BB Cream. It's the best among all BB cream products.
    Even my professional Make-up Artist friend recommends it.
    It's definitely the good... ^^

  8. Do you have any suggestions for trying out Asian brand BB creams? I had a sample of the Maybeline one, at hindi maganda sa oily skin ko! At first it looked ok with some light coverage, but it didn't last me the whole day. Also, I've never tried Asian cosmetics cuz I live in the U.S. and don't know what to try.


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