Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Trip to Huis Ten Bosch Part 2 (One Piece Room)

Hello there!
As promised, I will tour you to Amsterdam hotel's One Piece themed room.   The hotel's name is Amsterdam but it is located in Huis Ten Bosch - Nagasaki Japan. 

Comfort room
printed toilet paper

Huge wall frame beside our closet (in front of the comfort room).


My husband really wanted to have this Luffy bottle but unfortunately, we didn't find any in the souvenir shop.

some necessities and a pair of One Piece mug

This is where I did my makeup the next day =)))

I was impressed with these toiletries!  My hair and body loved the scent and softness they gave.


LOL! sorry for the mess...  we're really tired!

A wall frame with picture of Shanks giving his hat to chibi Luffy. 

Want some coffee or green tea?

Our bed..

Dugong and Chopper waiting for us in the couch
And another wall frame of the gang...

That's my husband! LOL!

View from our window.  That is the Thousand Sunny Go waiting for us. =)))
Watch out for our great adventure in Shabody house.  More photos with Luffy and the gang!

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  1. This is too much..wahh.. I need to breath~ best room ever and thanks for sharing with us!

  2. how do you do this wallpaper in our room??

    1. They sell huge sticker wall posters in souvenir shops. If I'm not mistaken, each costs 10,000円. Quite pricey but the quality is very nice!

  3. hey Hikari,

    I also fell in love with this one piece room and would like to know how you booked to room? I am from Austria and would like to come to Japan next August. I was able to find the hotel online, but didn't know how to book the one piece room. Could you send me a link?

    Thanks for your help!



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