Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Product Review: Majolica Majorca 10th Year Anniversary Limited Edition The Little Humming Book I Makeup Palette

Hello my kawaii sistahs!
As promised, here is my review regarding Majolica Majorca's The Little Humming Book I.

Very cute packaging! 

 It comes in a mini story and songbook palette.  

I asked my husband to read the story for me and here it goes.

I heard a voice somewhere.

A very nice voice like whispering to the Gods.

Open my ears and there I went

Seems like somebody's waiting for me

(Disclaimer:  I only translated the story from the way my husband explained it to me. There is no assurance of accurate translation.)

And here is the video of the song that is written in the song book.  (video from Majolica Majorca's Youtube Channel.)

There's a clear plastic page separator from the makeup palette and the song pages.

*This palette comes with two frosty eye shadow, a cream eye shadow base, and a lip gloss.

*It can enhance color with 3D and intense look.

*Limited edition

*Made in Japan

- The two frosted eye shadow which is the 'Flower Dust' and the 'Green Shower', are soft and buttery.

It has a nice texture quality.  Even though they are frosted, I didn't get a lot of fall outs.

- The eye shadow base which is the "Moonless Night" has a creamy texture.

- The lip gloss has a very creamy texture.  Nothing different from a regular lip gloss.

See Swatches Here

- Apply the eye shadows alone or on top of the eye shadow base.

- Lip gloss can be applied alone or on top of a lipstick.

Here's how I did it...

I applied the eye shadow base all over my lid and lower lash line.

Then I applied "Green Shower" all over my lid and on the outer corner of the lower lash line. .  After that I applied "Flower Dust" from the tear duct area up to the inner corner of my lid and also to the inner corner of my lower lash line

I applied the lip gloss alone.  No lip balm, no lipstick etc.  

Retails for ¥1,500 

I have a love and hate relationship with Majolica Majorca when it comes to their eye shadow.

I love and adore their single eye shadows.  

But for their palettes, I think they are only meant for teenagers and for people with whiter skin tone.

They are mostly frosted and in light colors.

Last time, when I went to Cosmos and saw this palette, I was hooked with the packaging  and when I made some swatches there, I was in love with the makeup base.  

The eye shadows, I thought I could use them as a highlighter specially in my tear duct area and to the inner corner of my lower lash line so I bought it right away.

Today, I used all the eye shadows on my lid for the sake of this review.  

Upon applying them, it seems that the eye shadows are really not meant for me to use on my lid.

Although I like how my eyes popped and look bigger, I don't think at my age, I would still want to have that "pika-pika" eyes. hahaha  You know what I mean? 

  (pika-pika is Japanese slang word which means glittery or sparkly.)

There were no much fall outs so that's a plus point for me.

After a few hours, my eye shadow did not crease.  That's another good point!

The color stays the same and it did not fade.  Another good point!

My lips were dry when I applied the lip gloss and after a few hours, my lips became soft and supple. Wow! another good point!

 I do recommend this palette specially for younger age and people with whiter skin tone.

Overall, I do love this palette.  Although I don't think I will use the eye shadows on my lid, I would love to continue to use them as a highlighter on my tear duct area and inner corner of my lower lash line.  There's nothing to throw in this palette.  From the packaging to the content itself, I love all of them.  

Monday, February 4, 2013

Swatches: Majolica Majorca 10th Year Anniversary Limited Edition The Little Humming Book I Makeup Palette

Hello my kawaii sistahs!

Here are the swatches of the "The Little Humming Book I" from Majolica Majorca's 10th year Anniversary Limited Edition Products.

(Only swatches here.  Click HERE for my review)

with flash (applied with primer)

without flash (applied with primer)

Left: combination of Moonless Night and Flower Dust
Right: combination of Moonless Night and Green Shower 
without primer

sample eye photos from the leaflets. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Product Review: Pore Putty BB Pact

Hello my kawaii sistahs!

Finally, here's my review about the Pore Putty BB Pact!

* Has a function of beauty serum, sunscreen, primer, foundation and concealer.

* Long lasting.

* absorbs excess sebum, while keeping moisturized and powdery smooth all day.

* Formulated with silicone glue powder for a 3D fit that moves and stretches according to the shape of the pore so that skin looks smooth and pore-less all day.

* With SPF40 PA+++

*Made in Japan

Apply with a sponge or brush.  I prefer using a stippling brush for a lighter coverage.  Too much application may result to getting cakey and uneven tone with your natural skin color.

Cute packaging.  I like that it has a separator for the sponge and the cream.  

I also like that it comes with a mirror so I can retouch my makeup wherever I am.

Because it's a BB cream in a pact,  it has a more richer texture than those in tube type.

I think it's more easier to understand if I say the texture is like the texture of a cream concealer.. =)


This retails for ¥1,300 excluding tax but I got mine for only ¥998 at Trial Super Center.

I like this product.  I think I will stick to this for a long period of time.

I like that it's easier to apply.

A little amount goes a long way.

And yes, it's true that it is very long lasting!  Proven by me...

It tends to get oily after a few hours but not in a grossy way naman hahaha!  Well, anyway, there's no oily skin for a blotting paper right?  

It's true that it can cover pores.

Let me add that it blends with your natural skin tone after a few minutes.

Here are the photos I took regarding the stages of this BB cream.

And now.... it's your turn to say your thoughts.  Here are some photos I took when I reviewed this product.

(FYI, I don't know how to use Photoshop so all the photos here in my blog are unedited.)

without flash-raw

with flash (dark room-raw)

with flash (dark room-with shading)

the following photos were took with flash in a well lighted room...


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