Monday, October 15, 2012

Palty Hair Dye in Custard Beige Review

Heloooo my kawaii sistahs!!!
I am back!
Finally, I can go back to blogging and making videos.
I will undergo another surgery next month though.  After that, everything will be fine according to my doctor.
I will try to blog as many as I can to make up with my absence.  I still have lots of products in my box waiting to be reviewed.
Let's start my comeback with my review for Palty hair dye in custard beige.

I dyed my hair last October 2.  I didn't had the time to take pictures and to make my review post about it because I was scheduled for my first surgery the very next day after my check up last October 3. 

The photos of my hair that I will present to you today were taken today, October 15.  Almost 2 weeks after I dyed my hair. 

As you can see in the photos above, the color is different on the top.  That would be the color result you could get if you have virgin hair or hair that had never been bleached or dyed. 

Please see the mixing procedure here

I personally don't like this color on me.  The color didn't match with what is pictured in the box either.  (Even on the first day)

The color is a bit similar to Palty's cookie beige.

If I have to choose between the two, I will definitely choose cookie beige.

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Palty hair bleach in Natural Brown

Click here if you want to see the result of mixing Palty hair bleach in natural brown and hair color in macaron brown


  1. woah! it worked so well!! <333 did you bleach first?

  2. Yes! new review! ^-^ i really miss you ^-^, i wish you good health :D

    1. aw! how sweet nman u bunso! namiss din kita hahaha..

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Nice.

    On natural dark color work it?

    1. Hi! Unfortunately, the color would be different for natural dark hair...

  5. have you tried the palty hair dye in caramel sauce? :O

  6. also what color was your hair? :O i have naturally dark hair but i have a dark brown right now :S

    1. If my hair before this color, it was this

      however if you are pertaining to my natural hair color it is black.


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