Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pore Putty BB Cream Giveaway (CLOSED)

I already reached 50 subscribers now and as my way to say thank you, I want to throw a giveaway!

I chose Pore Putty BB cream because this has the most number of views here in my blog.  I also included a cute Japanese Kokeshi compact mirror that I bought in Daiso.

The rules are:

1. Of course, you have to be a member of my "kawaii sistahs". (Google Friend Connect)
***Make sure you are one of my members through GFC so I can make your entry valid.. You can see it on the right side bar. ***
***If you used different name to comment, please state what your GFC name is.***
( I want this contest to be fair with everybody. I hope you understand. Rules are rules. Thank you :)

2. Comment below what you love about BB creams.

***This giveaway is open worldwide!***

*** You can be of any age as long as you have your parent's permission to use your address if you are below 18 years old. ***

This giveaway is open until September 22, 2012.

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: Items in this post were purchased by me and I am not being paid by any of the mentioned brand companies to make this giveaway.  

Friday, August 24, 2012

Kanebo Kate Powderless Liquid Foundation Review (More Photos and Swatches) / Kanebo ケイト パウダレスリキッド ファンデーション レビュー

Hello my kawaii sistahs!

可愛い 妹たち こんにちは

Today's product review is about the new Kanebo Kate powderless liquid foundation.


This product was also included in my August Japanese drugstore makeup and cosmetics haul

8月にドラッグストアで買いました 他に何を買ったか気になったらここをクリックしてね

This product is normally priced at 2100円 but I got this on sale at 1,680円.


With SPF20 PA++

ファンデーションには SPF20PA++が入ってます

 Made in Japan


According to Kate, it's a liquid foundation that turns into powder after 15 seconds.  It has the power of smoothness of a liquid foundation and beautiful finish of a powder in one.  A noncomedogenic product which dermatologists recommends to people with acne prone skin to use.  However Kate states that even though this is a noncomedogenic product, they can't promise that skin trouble will not occur.


I'm always on the hunt for a perfect foundation for me.  Something that could even out my skin, hide flaws, whiten my complexion but is not too white or not too dark for me.

I just want to have a foundation that could make me look like I have an amazing skin.

I was intrigued with Kate's new foundation which is included in their fall collection so I thought I had to try it out!

This foundation has 6 shades. The shade I got is the one in BE-C which matches my skin tone. See all shades here.
 このファンデーションは6タイプあるよ 私のはBE-C・・・
It comes in a cute plastic pump bottle


size is almost half of my point finger

Now, for the swatches.  Can you notice how the texture of foundation changes in my hand?





after 10 seconds

after 15-20 seconds

I also made another test by wiping my hand with a cotton pad


I wiped my hand after 5 seconds

after 15-20 seconds

When I applied it to my face, it was so amazing how light it feels into my skin.  Like I am not wearing any makeup!


I applied it with my favorite foundation brush at first but the foundation dries so quick that makes it hard to blend.


The second time I applied it, I used my ever beautiful hands (laughs!) to blend it and OMG!  I love eeetttt!!!!


It felt like there was nothing on my skin!


It doesn't feel greasy or over hydrating!


The after result was similar to natural skin.


I just have to apply concealer to my dark circles first before applying this foundation because as I said, this foundation turns into powder.


I love this foundation!  My new baby! hahaha!




Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review: Nivea Whitening Repair Body Gel

Hello my kawaii sistahs!

Today's post is about the Nivea whitening repair body gel.

Actually, this is my fourth time to purchase this product since June.

I use this at night before I go to bed.

This product costs 890円 in the market.

Made in Japan.

Available in all leading stores here in Japan.

The product has watery gel texture.

It doesn't feel sticky!

Nivea whitening repair body gel has quality ingredients that helps your skin to recover from sun damage.  It also has moisturizing ingredients to help your skin keep moisturized.

I could agree with this.   I didn't notice the result at first but my friend did.  She asked me what did I use to whiten my skin despite the strong heat of summer here in Japan.  I was like "huh?".  I didn't buy it at first 'cause I thought she's just praising me so she can borrow some money from me hahaha!  Sorry friend!
I didn't believe my friend at first but when my mom asked me the same question,  now it's proven! LOL!

But let me tell you guys, what I really love with this product is that it doesn't feel sticky.  With Japan's hot and humid weather, a product that keeps my skin moisturized without any sticky feeling,... with a formula to help my skin recover from sun damage, this is all I need.

I have nothing more to say.  I just love Nivea. hehehe!

Review and Swatches: Mio Piccolo Kira Kira Gem Eyes

Hello my kawaii sistahs!

I want to share my review with the Mio Piccolo Kira Kira Gem Eyes.

mio piccolo kira kira gem eyes in gold, peach, silver, and black

These eyeshadow were included in my August Japanese drugstore makeup and cosmetics haul

I got them for 100円 each in Trial.  I heard they are also available in Can-Do, another 100円 store here in Japan.




Each of the eyeshadow comes in a cute round compact case with leopard print on the edge.


eyeshadow in zoom





 As I made some swatches, I thought these eyeshadow are not for keep.

The texture is so dry...

I think powdery and flaky are the right words to describe them...

and it produce so much fall outs...

sooo horrible!

The black one is pretty decent though...

 I applied them to my eye and guess what?

Glitters were all over my face and even with my hands!

But I've thought a great idea on how to turn these horrible eyeshadow into cutie babies!


I sprinkled some water into the brush....

and wolaahh!!!

The color turned pretty nice!!!

Although it turned out pretty nice on the swatches above,  when I applied them to my eyes, it was still horrible!  I don't like it!! 


I don't recommend these eyeshadow.  I like the black one though.  That's the only one I would keep in my pocket.  The rest of the colors didn't impress me in any way. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pure Smile Muddy Girl Kaolin Mud Pack Review

Hello my kawaii sistahs!

It's been a long time since I last posted a product review here in my blog.
I still have tons of products to review but life is getting more busier and busier for me.

I hope I can finish them all before the end of this month.

*Cross fingers!!*

ALT="muddy girl kaolin"

Today's post is about my review with the Muddy Girl kaolin Mud Pack.

This kaolin mud pack was included in my August Japanese drugstore makeup and cosmetics haul.

Let me first tell you what a kaolin is.

Kaolin is a kind of mineral that most ancient people used for skin care products.  Like other clays, kaolin can pull dirt and oils from the skin.  It is commonly used in clay masks and also included in numerous cosmetics. 

I bought this mud pack in Trial Super Center here in Japan.

This product costs 98円.

I used it last Monday and here is what I can say....

ALT="muddy girl"

It comes in a heart shaped plastic container.

The product itself has a thin creamy texture.

ALT="muddy girl kaolin1"

As I applied it, I smell a hint of mint which made me remember the St. Ives' mineral clay firming mask.  I also felt a slight coolness in my skin which I also feel every time I'm using St. Ives.

It is written at the label that this product is only for one time use but half of it is enough for my face.  I don't know if I can still use the remaining product but I wrapped it with a plastic wrapper and store it in the fridge. 

ALT="mud pack"

ALT="facial mask"

When the mask became dry, it felt like there was a pack of thin cement on my face.

I can feel that it tightens and firming my skin.

After I rinsed the mask off, my skin felt super clean and dry.

This is an advantage for me because I have oily skin at the moment.

I didn't get any breakouts the next day.

 I wouldn't recommend this mask to people with dry skin.

First impression:

Well, I can say I'm happy with this mask.   I might still continue to use this until the summer ends.
 Can you see the zit on the right side of my lips? (left side in the picture)
  When I woke up this morning, it was dry and peeled.
I don't know if it is because of the mask but I didn't use any product after I rinsed it so I can give a proper review with this product.

 I can't help myself to compare it with St. Ives mineral clay firming mask.
If I have to choose between the two, I will definitely choose St. Ives. 

For more knowledge about this product, I did some translations of what is written on the cover.

Product Description:

Experience Salon's beauty treatment at home.  This mud pack could tighten your skin and keep it in good health.

Made in Korea.


1. Wash your face and wipe off water.

2. Apply the mud pack to your face.

3. Wait for 10-15 minutes until it get dry.

4. Rinse with water.


1. Do not use to skin with wounds and rashes.

2. Stop using this product when allergic reactions occurs and see a skin specialist if possible.

3. When it gets into your eyes, wash immediately with clean water.

4. Avoid using this product if your skin is sensitive with adhesive plaster.

5. Keep out of reach of children.

6. Use it as soon as you open it.

7. Do not eat.


1. Use it 3-4 times a week to have a healthy and hydrated skin.

2.  Keep refrigerated during summer to enjoy the cooling effect.


water, kaolin, glycerin, centella asiatica extract, bentonite, montmorillonite, hyaluronic acid Na, PEG-60 hydrogenation castor oil, allantoin, citric acid, fragrance, methyl paraben, phenoxyethanol, xanthan gum, hydrolisis collagen, EDTA-2Na,


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