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Palty Hair Color in Cookie Beige Review

Hello my kawaii sistahs!

It's been two months since the last time I dyed my hair.

I thought I would give my hair a break for about 3-4 months from dyeing because my hair became dry and freezy after applying the bleach.... 

....but I can't stand seeing my black and gray hairs on top of my head nah!

This time, I chose to try the color cookie beige.

Again, my makulit na husband was beside me when I was choosing what color to try.

This time, I didn't ask for his opinion because I know he will  encourage me to use blondy tone again.

But he looked like he was about to choose my hair color
so I had to choose what color to try as fast as I can! hahahah!!

There were 3 colors that caught my eyes.

The kiichigo jam or strawberry jam, sakura donut, and this one, the cookie beige...

....but in the end, I decided to try the cookie beige.

I think the strawberry jam tone might be nice to try during fall or winter season.

Maybe I will try the sakura donut on October and the ichigo jam on December.

Okay, let's continue with the review.

 As always, I used two boxes of Palty hair color for my long hair.

Each box has:

Oxide water (in bottle)
cream coloring
mixing spatula
small bucket
a pair of gloves
tsubaki oil
guide leaflet

The product was easy to apply although I had some mess here and there...

Here are some of my tips if you want to try hair dyes in foam type.

* After mixing the solution, wait for 1-2 minutes before applying it to your hair.

* If you have long hair, it would be difficult to apply it alone so ask a friend or a family member to apply it for you to have a fair application.

* Remove any accessories you have and don't ever forget to wear gloves when mixing and applying the solution.

Other Tips:

* Tap the water oxide well to avoid any waste.

* Skip washing your hair the day before applying the solution.

*Apply vaseline or any facial cream on the sides of your face, ears, and neck before applying the solution to avoid any mess or stains.

* Wrap your neck with some tissue before applying the solution.

* If you have virgin hair or hair that has never been dyed, bleach your hair first and recolor after a week or so.  Best is after 2 weeks.

* Skip shampooing your hair for 3 days after dyeing it.  Just use conditioner to wash your hair.

Going back to our review, I didn't use any comb to apply the solution to my hair.

I just used my hands with gloves.

It was easy to apply but I wished I had a company to apply it for me.  I had mess here and there... 

Two boxes were enough for my long hair.

I left it in my hair for about for about 45 minutes and rinsed it after.

I massaged my hair with the tsubaki oil, rinsed, and applied treatment cream.

My hair was incredibly soft after I rinsed it.

The color result was pretty near in the box' picture.

Palty hair color

palty hair color

I love this color.

My dear friend told me that this color suits me rather than my previous color.

I totally agree!

I think this color made me look younger than my actual age.

Mixing procedure and my "before and after" in the video...

More Photos:

I got carried away and took a lot of photos.

I can't help myself to include them all in this post..

Well, this is my blog so I can do anything I want =D

palty hair color

palty cookie beige

palty cookie beige











palty cookie beige
without flash

palty cookie beige


with flash






(Updated August 20,2012)
Photos of my hair after 2 weeks and 4 days

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  1. Wow it looks like the box picture!!! So cool!!!

  2. This colour looks good on you, and it really does match the picture on the box. :O Thanks for the review, I'm debating whether to use Palty or Liese hair dye.. x-x

  3. Thank you Karenes! I haven't tried Liese yet but maybe I'll try it in the future.

  4. Love the color! Heyyyy... I've seen you on Youtube haha! I'm also a Youtuber and a Palty user... Nice to know you also have a blog! Totally looking forward to your future Palty posts! I have some pending reviews, but I'm still busy with some stuff... However, I appreciate your posts so much because I haven't had the chance to try those colours! =D

  5. i love your reviews on the palty products your hair looks gorgeous! i have been lightening my hair with american products for years and really want to try palty. i have naturally dark brown/black hair and want to know whether i should use a palty hair dye or palty bleach to lighten my hair to a golden brown or auburn color? what is the difference between the dyes and bleach from palty? thanks so much for your help and for the awesome reviews/pictures!

  6. I dont like the fact that your virgin root didnt turn out....

  7. dont like the fact that your virgin root didnt turn outnew songs

  8. Hi, this post is inspiring! I want to try Palty now. Is it ok to use palty if my hair was rebonded 5 months ago? Also, how long should I wait if I want to change hair color?

    Maraming Salamat :D


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