Sunday, March 4, 2012

Great Makeup Blush From Daiso

I was about to buy makeup sets from an online store but I paused and thought to myself, "Wait! I could also get these kind of products from Daiso!"  So I asked my husband to drop me to daiso one time.

I found so many stuffs that I could use for my video tutorials and of course for my blog.
I can't believe that I only spent about 3000円 for all the products that I bought and mind you, I am using all those products up to now and nothing has gone into waste.

Anyway, enough for that. I want to show you some of the 100円 worth blush products from Daiso that I love love love wearing and it doesn't give me any breakouts.

I just can't help using these two products everytime I am wearing makeup.  I'd been using these for a week now.  The colors are very nice and pigmented.

My rating for these blush is 4/5. =)  Money wise and it doesn't give me any breakouts instead it gives me a healthy glow.

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Review and Swatches of Some Daiso Makeup Products:

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