Friday, June 8, 2012

Jayzee's Birthday Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Hello my kawaii sistahs!

As promised, here is my big surprise for you!

This would be my biggest giveaway here in my blog. 

Time flies so fast and again I will earn additional age point.

Please don't ask me how old I am.   I want to stay young forever! hahaha


... because I'm a generous person, I am giving away some beauty and kawaii stuffs for one of my kawaii sistahs!

Yes my kawaii sistahs!  All those stuffs  in photo above could be yours..

...and it's very easy to enter but please read the rules carefully.

The rules are:

*Of course, you have to be a member of my "kawaii sistahs".   (Google Friend Connect)
***Make sure you are one of my members through GFC so I can make your entry valid.. You can see it on the right side bar. ***
***If you used different name to comment, please state what your GFC name is.***
( I want this contest to be fair with everybody.  I hope you understand.   Rules are rules. Thank you :)

*Comment below what your most memorable birthday is.

*You can live anywhere in the world.

*You can be of any age as long as you could mail me your parent's permission to use your address if you are below 18 years old so I can mail you your prize.

*The winner will be selected by a random generator and will be posted in my facebook page,

*This giveaway is open until the 10th of July, 2012

*That's it!

Here's the video of the stuffs you could win :)

These are the prizes you could win:

*flower printed shopping bag ( Lip Service )
*Hello Kitty Tokyo Sky Tree Clip Set
*Eyelash case ( Emoda )
*Hello Kitty Tokyo Sky Tree strap
*Cute mini slot machine
*Camu Camu Lemon Squash ( you can eat or drink )
*cute black purse (Murua)
*Spring Heart Volume Eyelashes
*3 sample size of Royal Herb EX cream
*Sophie Paris lipstick in Ice Pink
*Kumono brush phone strap ( From the famous KUMONO brushes )
*Sophie Paris 3D lipgloss phone strap
*sample size of Chanel Foundation
*Circle Lens in Dali Brown (same as what I'm wearing in this video)
*Cute red purse (Russet)
*CANMAKE products ( eyeshadow,lipgloss,cream cheek,eyelashes,nail polish)

Disclaimer: I am not being paid by any of the mentioned brand companies to make this giveaway. The views in this post/video are strictly my own and I am not affiliated with any of these companies


  1. I'm not sure whether you wanted entries here or? xD but here we go! Please let me know if i have entered in the incorrect place!

    memorable birthday: 6th one, because it was the only birthday my family were actually together!
    Enter me please! xo

    1. Yes hun your entry is in a correct place. But there is one more step to do. You have to be a member of my kawaii sistahs(Google Friend Connect). You can see it in the right sidebar. I want this giveaway to be fair with everybody I hope you understand.

      And oh your birthday, that would be a much memorable one! My father died when I was 13 and that year is the last time I spent my birthday with my Dad so I know how you feel. Good Luck hun and don't forget to join this site through GFC so I can make your entry valid. xxx

  2. I remember my 12th birthday as one of the best! My parents had taken my siblings, my best friend, and I to an awesome restaurant where the waiters dressed up as movie characters! There was Cinderella, King Authur, and more. It was so cool, Our table's waiters were Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean and Harry Potter! Our menus were autograph books so after we ate we could get everyone's signatures. It was a great experience :D

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    1. Wow! That was a very nice birthday party hun! If God would grace me even just one child, I will let my child experience that too, so he/she could have a very memorable birthday party as you do. :)

      Thanks for entering! xxx

  3. my GFC: Puteri Ratnasari
    my Facebook: Puteri Ratnasari
    my twitter @puteriratnasari
    my email:

    The most memorable birthday was when I was 4 years old. it's my first birthday celebration.
    I remember a lot of outpouring of affection from friends and family. and lots of gifts / gifts I get.

  4. Hello!
    My most memorable birthday was when I turned 16. I went out with all me friends and we had an amazing time, I remember spending time with my family (we had a party, custom in Ireland) and it was just really good fun.

    1. Hi Kayla! Thanks for joining! good luck! xxx

    2. Hi Kyla! Your name is not yet listed in my kawaii sistah members. Or if you used a different name to comment, please state your GFC name if you're already my member so I can make your entry valid.. tnx xxx

  5. This is an amazing give-away! I never owned any Japanese products because it's really hard to find one. So this really excites me. :))

    My most memorable birthday was last January. I had my very awesome debut party! I turned 18 this year and everything went well as planned. What's cool about it is that everything about my party, from invitations to souvenirs are all made by me! :)

    1. hello Tiniebopper! There is one more step to do. You have to be a member of my kawaii sistahs(Google Friend Connect). You can see it in the right sidebar. I want this giveaway to be fair with everybody I hope you understand.

      I bet your 18th birthday was fabulous! 18th birthday is the most memorable birthday in every Filipino girl. Cheers!

      Thanks for joining! and please don't forget to join this site through GFC so I can make your entry valid. xxx

  6. Hi!! :D This is so cool!! I am one of your member already..:D So i think I can join here since I love Japanese stuffs.

    My most memorable birthday was when I turned 8. You know I can feel that time that I am so special, so many gifts and I have clowns too! I don't usually have grand party for my birthday, just simple celebration with my family but that time, on my 8th b-day, that was a surprise! So I can't forget that moment.

    Please enter me and thanks for the giveaways! :D

    1. Wow! that was nice!

      Thank you for joining! Good Luck! xxx

  7. Wow cool giveaway!!!! Every year in the month of June on my B-Day I always have my fav traditional strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting!!! But I think this year it's going to be different because my cousin from Iowa is coming!!!! Can't wait to see her!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  8. My most memorable birthday was my 18th birthday. I was a college student and having hard times, I was not able to hold a big party or anything like that. I went to church (Christian) and suddenly people were holding several pink balloons and one by one they gave it to me (also had a note attached). There was even one guy (who I considered a great brother)who jokingly danced with me. Even if I was stressed with exams and papers that day, I was really happy! :D

  9. Your giveaway is soo generous and I really want to try out all the Canmake products!
    My best birthday would have to be my 12th birthday. My birthday is close to my brother's and celebrating with my family every year can get a little repetitive, but that year, my family really made an effort to make that year special. My mom got me tons of balloons and spent a lot of time to make all of my favorite foods. Towards the end of the day, my sister went all out to spoil me with a huge bag of hello kitty stuff and I have had a weak spot for Hello Kitty ever since. ^_^

  10. This is such an interesting giveaway. I would most definitely love to have and try any of the items you are giving away let alone all of them!
    My favorite is this past month when my hubby actually sent me flowers for the 1st time to work. It really meant a lot. He also took me shopping. I have recently gotten I better shape. It was so needed. I too have a giveaway if u are interested ;D.

  11. My most memorable birthday would be my 14th, when I spent the day with family and friends who are all amazing ppl and got me lovely presents :)
    Followed via GFC! (silent0crescendo) thanks for the awesome giveaway <3

  12. My most memorable birthday is last year
    i celebrate it during train journey
    not only my family with me but all the person in train join me wish me and celebrate with me
    we eat candy as cake and every person enjoy and remember this 9 hrs journey

    GFC billi

  13. my most memorable birthday was when i turned 6 yrs old =) there was so many balloons and my cousins were there too. And what i can't forget about the party is that there was a hotdog on stick food with marshmallow on it haaha that's the only food that i ate at that time. And it was memorable because all the members of the family are there and my grandma and grandpa, aunt, uncle and cousins =) *wish i could go back to that time hehe >:D<

    GFC: let me go =)

  14. My most memorable birthday was my 6th birthday when I had a magic show and the guy even pulled a dove out of this weird pan, that was my only good birthday the rest make me cringe!

  15. Hello!
    My most memorable birthday was when I turned 22. I went out with all me friends and we had an amazing time,and travel go to Cancun Mexico love it!!

  16. My 14th birthday with my friends, doing karaoke, drinking my parents liquor and soggy frencg fries.. Oh and I lost my cake.. It was a fun night Haha. Happy birthday! :) And thanks for the giveaway :)

  17. I'm following Gfc as piper, nettysgirl at

    I had a great 18th Bday with a bunch of my friends at Disneyland and I remember topping it off with dinner at hook's, which is an eatery at the disneyland hotel. On the ceiling they have a painting of neverland! It's so cool! They also had the best creme brûlée I've ever had!

  18. Thankyou for doing this giveaway, you are really generous ^^
    I hope I win ~ <3
    My most memorable birthday was probably my 10th because I always wanted to go bowling and for my 10th birthday party I went for the first time :3
    All my friends and family were there so It was really fun and I have lots of great memories :)

    My name is Somin Park on Google c:

  19. i remember to my 18th birthday, i have surprised by my all classmate and i'm so excited XD
    Nila Kussriani

  20. Hello! Um my most memorable birthday would have to be when I went to this huge new yers eve party and everyone was celebrating my bday with me ( my bday ia new years eve) the party lasted about 6 hours and I had lots of friends and family with me! My user name on google when I followed is hime yuki chan :) email I (just In Case I win and you can't get ahold of me :) )

  21. Wowww, your blog is so cute *--* I wish you success!!!!
    My most memorable birthday was when I got 18 years old, ´cause at that time I had just entered the university and my parents were so proud of me that they gave me a car! It was an amazing surprise!!!! I love my parents s2
    And it's happened a long time ago rsrsrs

    My name: Cristine Martinez
    GFC: cristmart09

  22. My most memorable birthday was on my 16th birthday. I wasn't planning to celebrate at all, but my friends came to my home and surprised me with a lovely cake they had made all by themselves :)

  23. My most memorable birthday was when when I turned 18. I never grew up with lavish parties for any of my birthdays, but when I turned 18, my parents had finally gifted me a huge square chocolate cake. Cuz every celebration we had at home was minimal that we're content with Spaghetti and Ice Cream. Me and my siblings never had the chance to blow candles. LOL. We have always lived a very simple life... anything that we can only afford. Even up to this day, even when I can treat my family and friends to a simple dinner for my special day, I refuse to cuz I'm happy with just being served with lechon manok and plenty of steamed rice! Nevermind the debut cottilion as I can make up for it when I have my own daughter in the future. Nonetheless, I never blamed our family's economic status for not having a loud party for any of our debuts. Life is good when family is complete and health is at best. That's all that matters to me.

  24. Ohh . My most memorable birthday was last year (15 yrs. old) It was my first birthday in another country. I have mixed feelings that day because before I live in the Philippines for like 14 years and last year I celebrated my birthday in New Zealand I'm so happy and sad at the same time because I celebrated my b-day without my grandparents. :( so yeah I would really really love to win those prizes. and saan ka po pala sa Japan incase lang na kilala nyo po tita ko HAHA :)

  25. Hello! I'm a new follower of your awesomeness! Haha. It's my dream someday that I will be able to go to Japan (and probably marry a Japanese guy also, hihi)so I'm following you~ <3

    Anyway, my most memorable birthday was when I turned seven. It was not grand, in fact it was celebrated at our house with some of my cousins, tito/tita and my boy classmate with his mom as my guests. What made it so memorable was when I blew my birthday candle, that boy classmate suddenly kissed me on my cheek. My reaction was recorded on video and it was freaking hilarious. :D

    By the way, thank you for the superb giveaway prizes! They're all making me drool, but it's Canmake that's making me drool the most. xD More power to your blog~ :)

  26. my 5th birthday I got the call from the love of my life!! LIL ROMEO he was soo famous at the time !!! omg me and my family went to a skating rink and some way some how she got him to call me! BEST DAY EVER

  27. My most memorable birthday was when I was 10. My mom took me and the family out to eat and stuffed cake in my face afterwords. IT was the best because it was the first time that we had a family moment in awhile. I remember almost every detail to this day

  28. My most memorable birthday was when I turned 20. my friends came to my home and surprised me.. i had an amazing time with my family and friends.. :)

  29. I am a member with this name: yayitsi :) My most memorable birthday was when I turned 7 years old, but sadly, it went very wrong!

    I got my hair done for 3 hours before the party, and when I went home, it became very windy and in a few minutes, my hairstyle was completely blown out. Then, when my friends arrived, we went outside to play and swim, but it started raining and we had to go inside. We thought that we would have some cake, but when it arrived, it had fallen slightly. Sigh~

    Despite nothing going right, I still had a good time and I laugh and think about it to this day :)

  30. My most memorable birthday was when I was around the age of 5 my mom threw me a birthday party and i was like okay then a clown came and I think at that age I hate clowns so when the clown asked "come here birthday girl" I said "ah my leg hurts" and put a fit because I did not like them lol

  31. Hi! :) How do I join KAWAII SISTAHS? I would really love to win!:)

    1. through Google Friend Connect =)
      It's on the right side bar =)

  32. Hi my name is Aya, my mother is japanese and my father is french! I live in France but i sometimes go to Japan to visit my family. :)
    I have discovered your channel on youtube when i was searching for some informations on youtube about the haul we can make in Japan. ;)
    Well, my favorite birthday was when i was five i think, my mother made a delicious cake and i blew my 5 candles! Then, I went to the garden and my mother made me a surprise, she told me that i could wear a kimono, i was really exited! And i have still got the picture of me with my first kimono and a big smile on my face!
    Bye! :)

  33. Mi cumpleaños mas memorable fue cuando cumpli 18. Mi mama habia llegago hace unos dias de España y me organizo una fiesta sorpresa. Yo fui engañada a un restorant y alli me encontre con mis familiares y amigos cercanos. Fue muy lindo ya que estaba la gente que mas quiero y a mi mama no la veia por 2 años.. Mi correo es

  34. hello~
    my birthday a few years ago when my first love sang Happy Birthday to me :)

    GFC: Picca Bella

  35. My most memorable birthday was my 12th when the whole family came round to my house and threw me a birthday party, it was one of the best birthday parties I had.

    GFC: Rubiah


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