Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Yukata Hair and Makeup Plus a Peek to Hanabi Festival

purple and green makeup

Hello my kawaii sistahs!

Last night, me and my husband went to a hanabi festival.

The festival was held just a few blocks from our building.

It was my first time to attend such event so I was so excited!

Well actually,  we didn't stay long because the weather was so hot and humid.

That is what I don't like here in Japan.  I still prefer the summer season in the Philippines.

It is hot in the Philippines but if you want to feel some air you just have to go outside the house and the fresh air will embrace you.

Anyway, back to our topic...

So when we went to the event's place, I didn't expect to see lots of people there.  Most of them were wearing their gorgeous yukata. 

It was like a yukata beauty contest! hehehe

Even the babies were wearing fashionable yukata.

There were also lots of kawaii stuffs and food stalls. 

Please click here if you want to see some photos I took from the said event.  It would open in a new window.

Let's head on with the makeup....

I only did the tutorial for the eye makeup in the video because I also included some clips from the hanabi festival.

I love my makeup on that day..

Actually, I didn't have any clue what to do with my eye makeup.  I just pulled my Sigma's Flare palette , and randomly picked the colors.

Well for me, it turned well and I love my work with this eye makeup.

Here is the video of the said tutorial and a peek to hanabi festival...


Products Used:

Mix of
MAQuillage  Essence Rich Whitening Liquid Foundation in #30
Chanel Le Blanc Foundation in B20

Shading: dodo Shading Square in SQ10
Blush: dodo Pan Cheek in PC30
Highlighter: CANMAKE Highlight gradation in #01

CANMAKE Nose Shading Powder

brown eyebrow pencil from Daiso
CANMAKE Nose Shadow Powder
KATE Eyebrow Color in LB-1

CHIFURE lip liner in #341
Sophie Paris Philippines lipstick in ice pink
Chanel Lip Gloss in #138

Products used were mentioned in the video

Some photos:

yukata makeup

purple and green makeup

purple makeup

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