Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pore Putty BB Cream Giveaway (CLOSED)

I already reached 50 subscribers now and as my way to say thank you, I want to throw a giveaway!

I chose Pore Putty BB cream because this has the most number of views here in my blog.  I also included a cute Japanese Kokeshi compact mirror that I bought in Daiso.

The rules are:

1. Of course, you have to be a member of my "kawaii sistahs". (Google Friend Connect)
***Make sure you are one of my members through GFC so I can make your entry valid.. You can see it on the right side bar. ***
***If you used different name to comment, please state what your GFC name is.***
( I want this contest to be fair with everybody. I hope you understand. Rules are rules. Thank you :)

2. Comment below what you love about BB creams.

***This giveaway is open worldwide!***

*** You can be of any age as long as you have your parent's permission to use your address if you are below 18 years old. ***

This giveaway is open until September 22, 2012.

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: Items in this post were purchased by me and I am not being paid by any of the mentioned brand companies to make this giveaway.  


  1. Hey! I am Vanessa Serio in GFC and im trying to win this BB Cream! ^-^
    Really, i never tried BB Creams, but i see results on some of my friends and i want one now *3* it make your face so smooth and white..<33

  2. Evangline hawa: i love bb creams bec they look natural and im into that dewy look that bb cream gives, its very fast to put on-blend using only my fingers, put concealer if needed and im done :-) , hope to win this give away bec iwanna try this brand bb cream :D

  3. I actually gaffe never tried a BB cream. I erious love tii try. Annette g

  4. Followed you in GFC.
    What i like about bb creams is because its very versatile and how natural you look when you use it. its perfect for those days when you just want to keep a simple look.

  5. I love BB creams because they're like the "diet coke" version of foundations. They can give sheer to heavy coverage with added sun protecting, anti-aging, whitening and several other promises of skin care. They really make you have that my skin but better feel which is really nice when you're just going out to get some coffee or run errands. It's really an all in one product! Love them~!
    Followed you on GFC :3

  6. Hello! I'm WeroNoYume in GFC *w* I'd like to try BB cream!ç_ç I'm Italian and here, there are just bb from garnier, loreal and maybelline but isn't the real bb cream it's just a kind of tinted moisturizer T_T I'd like so much try it! And I'm really addict to all japanese stuff! x3 so I'd be so happy if I win! >3< ok.. bye bye : )

  7. What I love about BB Creams is that they are so seamlessly natural-looking, unlike the usual foundations that takes time to be put on and most of the times give a cakey residue, even with the liquid ones.

  8. Hi^ ^

    What I love about BB Creams is that it's easier to apply and since I'm still a teenager, it doesn't make me look too mature. I also love the way that most BB creams have Sun Protection and are designed for Sensitive Skin.

  9. Hello! I'm Anya Taru and I like BB creams because they make your skin look beautiful, freshly, blur over acne and blackheads:)

  10. I am Ashley Leung :) What I like about BB creams is they make my skin feel soft and beautiful, leaving me with a refreshed feeling~
    Also, thanks for hosting this giveaway! I like your blog ^^

  11. Hello I'm Jennifer Taylor! What I love about BB creams is that they have reuced my acne so much, I used to suffer fairly badly from hyper pigmentation, and BB creams have helped stop that, they have also helped to lighten dark spots on my skin, and my skin generally feels smoother, I love BB creams so much. Also, I haven't tried this one, I just purchased the SKIN 79 Gold version and I was either going to get that or this one you are giving away, but I went for the SKIN 79 one because my friend recommended it and I don't like it as much as I thought I would, so I really really want to try this one, especially because my pores are more visible than normal because of the humid weather recently! Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway! and I love your blog, I have spent the last hour reading all your recommendations etc! <3

  12. Hey great giveaway!! The reason why I love using BB cream is because it gives me a flawless look and I like to use lightweight makeup easy to use and easy to clean. Thanks for the giveaway!!!!

  13. Arrived here from ur haul videos <3 I want Daiso too +_+

    Anyway I love BBcreams because they cake on me less than foundation, I think they are more natural and my skin feels more comfortable with it. Then u have less problem choosing a colour since even if its not perfect it will eventually match ur skin. Even cheaper one then have sunblock and other helpfull stuff. Right now I am using Missha Perfect Cover and Luview one :D


  14. Hi, my name in GFC is cintia luiza :)
    And I love BB creams cause they are easy to use, and make my skin uniform without so much efford, and it make everything more natural.Thanks for the amazing giveaway!xoxo

  15. Lovely giveaway dear! You can call me Thaat and I'm brazilian, haha hi!
    Huuum, I love BBcreams becoz I don't have no more acne and I'm soooo happy for that! It's really so good, and my skin stay so natural when I use it, it's very important to me. Anyway BBcream is amazing! haha

    My GFC name is Thais Magalhães! xoxo and good luck for everybody!

  16. Hello! I'm Jamie Topper on GFC. What I love about BB creams is how the are so versatile and can moisturize, protect from sun, even my skin tone, and provide a light cover in one step! They also feel light and comfortable on my skin.

    Thanks for offering this contest. Good luck everyone! :)

  17. I follow via GFC as Iliana Reyes. I love BB creams because they have multiple functions!

  18. what i love about bb cream that is its coverage and how it moisturizes along with it! c: you can't find many products that do so. i use to have dry skin, but because of some bb products, my skin has improved. multiple functioning products are le best!

    thanks for doing this giveaway! gfc name is lana nguyen.

  19. gfc billi

    i love bb cream its give natural glow to my skin .make it smooth i always want to to try different bb creams its very use full that why i love it

    thank you ♥

  20. Hello!

    I was looking up info on BB creams and came across your blog, which i have to say is so cute!

    So to reply to your question, I live in Greece and unfortunately BB creams are mostly unknown here (we only have one brand as of really really recently). But from what i read here in all the comments and what i have already read in other blogs/channels/sites etc, they must be awesome! Foundation has been a good friend so far but it is rather "heavy" for the skin, especially if you wear it everyday.

    Cheers for this awesome givaway!

    ps: this is maris garida on gfc

  21. GFC : miarsi ningsih
    i really love bb cream bcoz its make me more natural and off course its multiple function too

  22. Hi! im KuruNeko03 ^o^ actually i never tried bb creams but when im reading reviews about them they say its so natural and its not as heavy as foundation. ^-^ i really want to try them out :D

  23. Hi :)
    GFC: sataa
    I love BB creams because they are better than normal foundations as they give nice coverage and have skin care properties too and I think I look better when I am wearing a BB cream as compared to a normal foundation I love that they give natural look and dewy finish.
    Thanks xx

  24. I love BB creams because they are natural looking (Nobody wants a cake-face !!) and often, cheaper than normal foundations where I live !! My GFC is "Arieanna Kuehn". :)

  25. my GFC is: Terasina M
    email is:

    hello my name is Terasina Marchese I'm Italian-Canadian and
    I love, love, love loooove bb cream! <333 it's so lovely, I love it because it is
    ❁ natural and makes your skin pretty and dewy
    ❁ it's inexpensive
    ❁ has good coverage,& is easy-peasy to apply just slap on your face haha
    ❁ has skincare properties like spf and moisture and is very versatile
    ❁ very light and not heavy and it won't give you 'cake face' so it makes you look youthful
    ❁ makes my skin comfortable and feel goooood
    ❁ it can whiten dark spots and help with anti ageing
    ❁ it is a great 'on the go' makeup if you just want to run out and do errands or shopping
    ❁ it's basically a healthier alternative to makeup and a better option then heavy foundation

    It's amazing, basically an all in one product! ♪ ♫

    bb cream is uncommon where I live, we only have maybelline bb creams here and it's terrible so I buy all my bb cream online, I actually tried buying the pore putty bb cream on ebay but they sent me the wrong bb cream and they don't take returns, total bummer! :( I would be absolutely happy and thrilled if I actually won ( Because like...I never win anything haha)
    I love asian culture, I love their makeup and lifestyle. ( I read manga, watch anime, watch korean and japanese drama's and movies etc) I also cosplay! ^_^ cosplayers need perfect skin, so I need a little help you know? haha

    I have bad acne and hyper-pigmentation, my dermatologist suggests I wear very light makeup because my skin is sensitive and gets irritated, but I have no choice but to wear makeup every day without looking sick and gross so bb cream is my holy grail. I got really big pores, so I think pore putty bb cream can help me solve that problemo.

    I trade and share bb creams with my twin sister and we share everything so in this case if I actually win I want to give it to her for a back to school gift hehe ♥ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    I follow you on your kawaii sistahs and GFC, and been reading your blog for a while, I red your pore putty bb cream review and it really excited and intrigued me, I'm also subscribed to your youtube hikari my yt name is RandomIsMyLif3
    ♡^▽^♡ Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway! I will continue to creepily watch your videos and read your recommendations and posts for hours as usual 'jokes' :3 but legit I'd probably cry if I won!
    I have such bad luck waah~(ಥ_ಥ)
    good luck everyone~♥ ! (。◕‿‿◕。) thankyou again hikari! <33333 I'm excited ^_^

  26. GFC Name: Jaslene Lustro
    Email add:

    Love BB creams because they are an all-in-one moisturizer, sun protector, and makeup base. Not to mention it has tons of other benefits.

  27. GFC - FMWL (twitter)
    EMAIL -

    What I love about BB creams is you get a good coverage, it lasts all day long and you get a dewy finish. I also like that most BB creams have SPF, moisturizers and other ingredients that are super healthy for your skin.

  28. GFC: arra

    I love BB cream because its so sheer and lightweight yet gives you enough coverage:)And it makes your skin appear healthy:)

  29. Hello Hikari! I've never tried BB creams before but I would love to =) I like BB creams as they not only provide SPF, moisturise the skin, etc, but are simple to apply, especially for those who just want coverage without looking cakey and makeup beginners like me, hehe! ^^ Anyway, thanks for having this giveaway open worldwide :D And, good luck to all participants! ;))

  30. I am a huge fan of BB creams - mositurizing and covering at the same time, they are so much better than just makeup. They are usually light and make my skin glow....
    GFC: Lulu
    email: redalepou(at)yahoo(dot)com

  31. I love that B B creams give me that flawless look that I used to think was impossible.

  32. hi. :) I have nver really tried a lot of BB creams because its not much of a talk yet in my place so only a few stores sell it. What I love about BB cream is that it gives you a flawless finish, gives you even toned skin and TADAH! You have korean like skin. It also covers up imperfections like acne marks without the heavy feel of make-up which helps me a lot cause I dont wear make-up but still hides my so many acne marks! Some products also have minerals but I have tried one of those so I want to win this. :)

  33. hi. :) I have nver really tried a lot of BB creams
    because its not much of a talk yet in my place
    so only a few stores sell it. What I love about
    BB cream is that it gives you a flawless finish,
    gives you even toned skin and TADAH! You
    have korean like skin. It also covers up
    imperfections like acne marks without the
    heavy feel of make-up which helps me a lot because I dont wear make-up but still need to hide my spots. Some products even have minerals but I havent tried those. I really want to win this. :)

  34. Hi I follow you tru GFC same name m<(^_^)>m
    What I love from BB creams are so many thing:
    I love how my face skin looks even and perfect 〤◕‿◕〤
    I love how they take care of my skin while I'm wearing them ≧◔◡◔≦
    I love that satin feeling all over your face ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀
    And because that mirror is so kawai-SHHHH (∩^ω^∩)
    For all that plz: ◡‿◡✿PICK ME!!!‹(•●•)›

  35. I forgot my email ZzZzZzZ connymoore(at)hotmail(dot)com

  36. I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485 :)

    I love BB creams because they save time by doing the job of more than one product.

    kate1485 at hotmail dot com

  37. hello -- I have just subscribed via GFC. I run a blog called 2 broke LA girls. I have been a huge fan of Daiso ever since they opened a store near me in Torrance, CA. I have found so many good bargain beauty products.

    I have just heard of this product called BB Cream. They sell it on Sephora for over $30!! I could not believe how much they are charging for something that Daiso sells so cheaply. I have yet to run across it in my Daiso but I am hoping to see some soon.

    I would love to win this giveaway. I am so excited at the prospect of being a winner and getting a chance to try this wonderful product that so many women love! It would help cut down on makeup application time significantly.

    Can't wait to read more of your blog!

  38. I like BB creams because it gives the natural looks with very light coverage. It is not something I would use if I need a lot of coverage, but I do like the natural look a lot.

  39. What i love about bb creams is that it is supposedly better for your skin compared to a normal foundation. I love love love wearing make up but i have those days where i'm too lazy to cake up or my skin is just isn't apt for regular foundation. I use bb cream for a less heavy, moisturising alternative while still maintaining about the same coverage. Unfortunately, i haven't had the chance to purchase Asian branded BB as it's not very accessible here in this part of Canada but i've used a couple of western brand bb and i guess i'm fairly satisfied with it. i'd love to try an asian brand because i heard that it is a tad bit better :D


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