Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Trip to Huis Ten Bosch Part 1

Thousand Sunny Go

Hello my  kawaii sistahs!
It's been a long time!
Last week, my husband and I went to Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki.
There is something you don't know about me.
Aside from makeup and cosmetics, I'm a huge fan of One Piece!
My husband knows it very well so he brought me to Huis Ten Bosch where I can see huge figures and replicas of One Piece characters and of course to ride the Thousand Sunny Go!
 Huis Ten Bosch is very popular here in Japan.  It is a very huge theme park and mind you, one day is truely not enough to tour around the place.
We made our reservation a week before we went there.  There are four hotels to choose where you can enjoy your stay much more.  We stayed in Amsterdam Hotel where there are One Piece themed rooms.
Cars are not aloud to enter inside the area so we parked our car in the parking lot outside and wait for the bus service.
reception area

bus service that will bring you to your hotel
Upon arriving to our hotel, there was a parade of floats and performers going on.
The hotel staff that welcomed us was very accomodating.  She took our things and let us watch the parade and the show of performers.  The stage is just in front of the hotel so we didn't have to go that far.

After the show and parade, my husband saw a street performer, doing some funny and hilarious  tricks.  We stayed a little while to watch.

I wasn't able to shoot more photos but this man was so good!  My husband enjoyed watching this man so much.  He laughed so hard and at the end of the show, he threw 3000 yen in this man's basket.
After that, we went to our hotel to check in.
To be continued on my next post.  Stay tuned for our One Piece themed room and get jelous! hahahaha!

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  1. Hi Hikari, good day to you!

    I'm one of the OP fan in Malaysia and it's really inspiring to see the OP attraction at Huis Ten Bosch.

    I may go to Japan somewhere in next year for a business trip and think to go to Huis Ten Bosch. It is really good if you would like to share the tips how I can go to Huis Ten Bosch from Takamatsu, Kagawa. How I can book a OP room at Huis Ten Bosch, and other tips how to ride Thousand Sunny and other OP attraction.

    Any information about that are really been appreciated.

    Thanks! ^_^

    1. Hello there!
      According to my husband, from Takamatsu station, ride the train going to Okayama station. Then, from Okayama station, ride the shinkansen going to Hakata station/terminal. From Hakata station, ride the express train going to Huis ten Bosch station. From Huis ten Bosch station, ride a taxi or a bus going to Huis ten Bosch. Please keep in mind that you will only ride in JR train.
      Anyway, you can never go wrong with Google map when it comes to directions.

      Now, about the OP room, there are three hotels inside Huis ten Bosch namely Hotel Europe, Hotel Amsterdam, and Forest Villa. OP rooms are in Hotel Amsterdam. If you will stay in an OP room, the fee, that costs 23,000 yen~/person, includes a free ride to Thousand Sunny Go, 1,000 yen worth of meal ticket which you can use in One Piece Restaurant or in any restaurant, 1,000 yen worth of souvenir ticket(to be used in any One Piece Souvenir shops), and a 1 day passport to tour inside Huis ten Bosch.

      You can book your hotel room on this link:(Japanese only) http://www.huistenbosch.co.jp/onepiece/plan.html

      English link: http://english.huistenbosch.co.jp/


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