Friday, December 28, 2012

My New Office

Hello my kawaii sistahs!
New year is coming and here in Japan, people used to clean the entire house before the year ends. 
While cleaning, I told my husband that I will be back to blogging and making videos in youtube and I want a new office 'coz my old office is kinda small and the light isn't good. 
My husband then agreed and allowed me to use half of our living room.
After hearing that, I pulled  my things off from my old office (which is in our bedroom) and started to fix my new office.
I also added my One Piece goods collection to make it more lively.
I posted some pictures in my personal facebook account and my sister commented that it looks like a child's playroom rather than an office. haha!
Well mind you guys, this is the real me.  A woman with a girl's heart.  But hey!, that's what my husband likes about me.  He said it's better to have a woman with a girl's heart rather than a woman with an aged heart.  Nagpapalusot ba ako? Hahaha bakla!  but it's true.  He said I am his fountain of youth.  He feels younger when he is with me.  See~~~???!!!! (Saying with high pitch tone.)
Anyway, enough for that and let's go back to the main topic of this post. 
So it is your time now to have a look with my new office.
Enjoy. . .


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