Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mixing Palty Hair Bleach in Natural Brown and Hair Color in Macaron Brown

Hello my kawaii sistahs!

Last week, I recolored my hair with again, my favorite brand of course, Palty.

I decided to mix the hair dye and bleach to accentuate the tone of my roots to the tips of my hair.

This time, I tried the macaron brown (hair color) and mixed it with the natural brown (bleach).

I wanted to darken my hair tone just a little bit so I chose those two.

I already explained the details regarding the contents, procedures, etc in my past Palty posts so I will just jump into showing the result. =)

So here are the photos.....
( I want to apologize for the low quality of photos.  I used my phone for taking this pictures but I promise I will update this post with good photos very soon)

Anyway, you can check my latest video to see the actual color of the hair.


Updated January 07, 2012

More photos:

the color on the top/roots is the color you might get if you have virgin or never been colored hair.


without flash

with flash


without sunlight

with sunlight


Final thought:

As expected, the bleach over powered the hair color.

The color result..... 

Although I mix the hair color with the bleach, my roots' color still didn't match with the tips of my hair.

I love the color result in my hair tips though! <3

How should I call it?  hhmmmmm....  Very Asian?  Very Japanese? hahaha!

I think I will rebleach  my hair with sparkling blonde next month and recolor it with darker tone.

I might use macaron brown as well.

Anyway, I will update you, my Paltyholic sistahs with that ,.. hahaha!



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  1. hey girl! i wanna ask you, when you dye your hair with palty, does the colour 'comes off"? like liese, when my friend dye, after a loooooonnnng time, her hair becomes patches of black(her ori hair colour) and brown(dye colour). does the colour permanently stay on the hair? thanks!! i want to have blonde hair too XDDD

  2. As for me, it permanently stays however, the color seems to change after 2 weeks. So I usually update my hair color posts with photos after 2 weeks.

    1. You should try Palty bleach in sparkling blonde. The color changes beautifully after 2-3 weeks. You can see my post about that on the links above.


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