Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hikari Hajimari's First Year Anniversary Giveaway - CLOSED

Hellllllllllloooooooooooooo there!!!!

OMG!  It seems like ages since I last made a post here in my blog!

I know, I know.....

I'm a bad blogger!

Always making excuses for long absences...

I feel so ashamed....

I even made a promise to film random videos once I arrived in the Philippines..

I also promised to blog some photos of where I'd been etc...

....but none of that happened..

Hontoni hontoni gomenasai...

Anyway, to make up for that, here's a bunch of giveaways that I prepared for you guys!

There will be three winners for this giveaway.

                        Third Prize:                                                                   

For the third prize, the winner will get one (1) Spring Heart black liquid eyeliner.

I haven't posted my review about this eyeliner yet but since I included this is in my giveaway, I guess you already know what my heart wants to say about this product.  Hihihihi! 

                     Second Prize:                               

Second Prize winner will get one (1) Pore Putty BB pact.

I already expressed my thoughts about this product.  Click here to see...

                        First Prize:                                   

First Prize winner will get this 18 pcs set of synthetic makeup brushes.


1) Follow me in any of my following links.  One (1) entry per link you follow.

Google Friend Connect (You can see it on the left sidebar)

2) Comment below on where you followed me from the given links and your name/username on that link:

Example:  Hi Hikari!  I followed you on Facebook and GFC.

My GFC username: abrakadabratuttut

My Facebook name: Juana dela Cruz

3) This giveaway is open worldwide and will run until May 15, 2013. 
 Winners will be posted on my Facebook Page.

Good luck everyone!  


  1. Hi, Hikari Hajimari, Happy blog Anniversary :)
    Can I enter ?
    If I can I would love to participate and try my luck
    I follow on GFC as szaidik ( previously I followed as sataa but now I have changed my username)
    I like your FB page as sataa zaidi
    I follow on bloglovin I am follower no. 15
    I am subscribed to your Youtube channel as szaidik
    I follow on instagram as sataazaidi
    Thanks xx

    1. Of course u can sataa! ヽ(^。^)ノ anyone can enter! Good luck gurl! ( v^-゜)♪

  2. Following you on gfc as princess pineapple :-)

  3. Hi Hikari chan! <3 I followed you on facebook and GFC ^-^
    My GFC username: KuruNeko03
    facebook name: Kuru Neko

    kya nga po eh tagal niong nwala :( haha Thanks po sa giveaway! :D hope i win ^^

  4. Hello! I just watched some of your videos in youtube and I must say na nakakatuwa panoorin and I subscribed kaagad. I love yung mga reviews mo na Japanese products, especially when you go Hauling in DAISO because of stress. Hehe!

    Anyway! Thanks for this giveaway! I followed all of your social media sites
    My GFC username: kmmyp
    Facebook: Kim Yap
    Youtube: Kmmyp // Kim Yap
    Instagram: Kmmyp

    Hope to see you update soon!

  5. Hi Hikari! I followed you on GFC: Julie-Ann Sta. Ines
    YouTube channel: Julie Ann Sta. Ines
    Bloglovin: Julie-Ann Sta. Ines
    Facebook: Julie Ann Sta Ines
    Instagram: annjeliu
    Twitter: @jasiloves15
    Pinterest: Julie Ann Sta Ines
    Networkedblogs: Julie Ann Sta Ines
    Followed by Email:

    Thanks for the giveaway..!! Godbless

  6. Hi ^^
    I follow you on facebook, instagram , youtube and gfc :)
    My GFC username: *Garaa
    Facebook: Monika Összkomfortos Harcinyúl Györfi (
    Youtube: Garaa021
    Instagram: gaachan021
    Thx :3

  7. Haii :) I'm following you on Google Friend Connect using karenes, and on Youtube, using itkarenes. Congrats on your one year anniversary :D

  8. HEEEY :) i followed you on gfc, facebook and bloglovin :D ~~

  9. Konnichiwa Hikari! ^_^ i followed you through

    GFC: let me go
    FB name: Anna Koh
    bloglovin: (my email ad is )


  10. Hi,Hikari^_^ i followed you on FB & GFC
    My GFC: miarsi ningsih
    My FB User: orion zee

  11. Hi Hikari, I follow u on FB, username, liang yong shee

  12. Hi Hikari!!! I follow you on YT & FB!!!
    FB: Chi.D

  13. Hello Hikari!❤
    I followed you on GFC: Sherry Eunice T. Cunanan
    YouTube channel: cunanansherry
    Bloglovin: Sherry Cunanan
    Facebook: Sherry Cunanan
    Instagram: @ohlalatoo
    Twitter: @followmebluetoo
    Pinterest: Followmebluetoo

    Proudly, I'm from the Philippines. Is it FREE shipping?

  14. Hi Hikari! I followed you on Facebook, Youtube, Bloglovin and GFC
    Facebook: Aza labibah
    Youtube: Aza labibah
    Bloglovin: Aza labibah
    GFC: Aza labibah

  15. Hi Hikari! I followed you on GFC and Youtube.

    My GFC username: Sophia Mae Pascual

    My Youtube name: Sophia Mae Pascual

    Happy Anniversary by the way.. I really enjoy reading your blog. More years to come for your blog :)^.^

  16. Hi, Hikari Hajimari, Happy blog Anniversary :)

    I followed you on GFC: Nita qn
    YouTube channel: Nita qn
    Bloglovin: Nita qn
    Facebook: Nita qn


  17. Hi Hikari! I followed you on Youtube
    My Youtube username: Juselen B

  18. Hi Hikari! I followed you on Youtube
    My Youtube username: Juselen B

  19. Hi Hikari! I followed you on GFC, Youtube, Facebook, Bloglovin and instagram

    GFC: krungkae
    Youtube: shaddupp12
    Facebook: Kae Motol
    Bloglovin: Kae Motol
    Instagram: okayohkae

  20. hi i followed you on face book but this is my first time to do this i want to try my luck thank you for this aportunity
    my username in face book is kazlen nayan

  21. Hello:)
    i followed you at

    GFC: Valerie
    Youtube: Valerie Embate
    Facebook: Valerie Embate
    Bloglovin: Valerie Embate
    Instagram: val184ever


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