Sunday, March 25, 2012

HikariHajimari's Top 5 Favorite Daiso False Eyelashes

My top 5 great Daiso false eyelashes picks

I already tried them all and this is my second time purchasing them
so I can assure you
 that they are high quality false eyelashes.

The first four eyelashes are wearable in everyday basis
because each lashes has transparent line
and thin lash strands.

just to add some volume to your natural lashes, I recommend this one.

This is the one I used in my Pearly Eyes post

This lower eyelashes below are good for dolly eye makeup and gyaru look.

This is the one I used in my Pearly Eyes post

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Review and Swatches of Some Daiso Makeup Products:

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  1. I like them too :) i have it in no. 5 :) they look really natural!


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