Friday, April 6, 2012

Anna Sui 2012 Spring Collection Catalogue Review (Japan)

I really love Anna Sui specially when it comes to makeup so when I saw the catalogue, and it has a free all purpose bag that comes with it, and the bag looks cute and I think I could use it in so many ways, without any hesitation, I bought the catalogue right away!

So here is the catalogue's cover

I just want to share some of the things that I like with the Anna Sui's Spring collection so I scanned some of the pages to show you...

 And here they are...

The Sweet Vintage Lady
I like this dress with romantic water rose design. It has a button slit design in front that made the dress looks sexier. And look at the stocking! Soooo Gorgeous!
I like the butterfly paint detail in the stocking =)!
model: Emi Suzuki/ Photograph: Jun Imajo (D-CORD)/ Styling: Kasumi Kato /Hair&Makeup: Masayoshi Okudaira (CUBE)/ Edit: Miho Yoshimori

The Disco Chic
I like the vintage look of this blouse.  I do think I could pair this blouse with any bottoms.  And look at the necklace and the bangles!  I love love love to wear them too!
Photograph: Becky Yee/ Styling: Eri Soyama (COMMUNE) / Hair&Makeup: Emi Koizumi/             Model: Marie

I also love this dress..  I do think that wearing this will transform you into a fabulous and elegant lady.

And how about this one? You can get into the groove and be the center of the stage with the combination of this dress and their bikini tops and shorts.

I do love the star details of this eye-catching blouse and shorts.

Makeup and Nail Polish Spring Collection

When I saw these makeup and nail polish collection, OMG! you don't know how I  really really want to have these items!


Photograph: [MODEL] Daisuki Ito (The Voice) , [ITEM] Maya Kajita (E7) /                                    Hair&Makeup:Tomoko Okada (A.K.A)/ Styling: Kaori Okano/ Model: Kana Oya/ Edit: Aya Fujiwara



Look at these fantastic, gorgeous, and very eye-catching accessories!
You will never go wrong wearing these!








I will stop here.  If you want to see all the Anna Sui's 2012 Spring Collection, you can buy your own copy of the catalogue in any bookstore or any convenience store near your place if you are living here in Japan.  You can also check out their page at

For people living outside Japan, you can check out Anna Sui's page at

Before I end this post, here is my video for the review of the スーパーマルチバグ/all purpose bag that comes with the catalogue.  Enjoy watching!

Thank you for your time reading my blog.


Disclaimer: do not claim the ownership/copyright for photos in this post.  Photos were personally scanned from the purchased Anna Sui Spring 2012 collection catalogue for reporting purposes.  If you own these photos, and you want it removed, please email me at and I will remove all the photos right away.



  1. Hi,live your blog so much,and I at Malaysia ,here do not have Anna Sui store,only Anna Sui counter selling cosmetic..I want to buy her catalogue and bag so much..possible u can help me to buy?? Please...

    1. sure. I think 7eleven still sells the catalogue. The cataloue costs 1,500円.


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