Wednesday, April 4, 2012

CircleLens.Com / Geo Princess Mimi in Sesame Gray and Chocolate Brown-- Product and Shipping Review

It was my first time to order online for contact lenses.

I thought I need to have some for my video tutorials.

Since my eye clinic doesn't sell big lenses,  I took a risk to order online.

Many people used to buy contact lenses online so I thought maybe they are also safe because well,  those online stores wouldn't be a hit if their products were not safe for

However,  I am not saying that you have to buy contact lenses online. 

When I purchased mine online, I kept it in mind that it is my own risk and that I can't blame anybody but myself if I got irritations or anything.


I browse the internet and looked for online stores for contact lenses.  Compare prices and delivery rates.

Then I bumped to and saw that they ship worlwide for free..

Actually, I was looking for Tsubasa's contact lenses and I found out that they have those so I took a risk and purchased two which is the Geo Princess Mimi in sesame gray and  chocolate brown.

Each costs $19 and I got 48 reward points.

They have this system of free circle lens for every 500 reward points.

Okay, enough for that.
Here is the link if you want to know more of what I am talking about.


Let's go for the shipping review.

So my lenses were shipped the next day after my payment. 

I received an email that they received the payment and the next day another email saying that they already shipped my order.

Good that I got updates because I had an experience from another online store that they did not updated me that they already received my payment and etc.  I will make a post for that soon..


So I got my lenses after exactly two weeks.

And here is the packaging...

I checked and tested the lenses right away so I can send it back if they have any damages or if it irritated my eyes.

Well, the lenses don't have any damage, (lucky for me! ) and they were very comfortable to wear.

I tried to wear them outside but it seems that they are not wearable for more than four hours because it made me so uncomfortable and it was like the feeling of...  my eyes can't breath and I feel like I want to vomit.  So be aware of that.

So I just use them when I am making my video tutorials and photos and I make sure to remove them after four hours.

Here are some photos of me wearing them:

Princess Mimi in Sesame Gray (without flash)

Princess Mimi in Sesame Gray (with Flash)

Princess Mimi in Chocolate Brown

Princess Mimi in Chocolate brown

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