Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Kapibara San Kuji in 7-11一番くじ カピバラさん やってみました

My eyes popped when I saw 7-11's new kuji.  I really wanted to have that two Kapibara San pillow in the picture below.  I asked my hubby to buy me a kuji ticket but he did not.  So I pulled my sen yen (¥1000) from my wallet and tried my luck.  By the way, kuji ticket costs, 500 yen each.

7-11のくじを見て虜になった。だって可愛いクッションがあったから・・・ 旦那にくじ引きしたいって言ったけど返事はだめ!!!

I got a small towel on my first try.  huhuhu! (iДi)
On my second try, I got a phone strap. ((>д<))
1度目は小さなタオル  アーア 
気を取り直し2度目・・・ 携帯ストラップ  がっかり <**>
I got no luck! (///∇//)
the kuji ticket

Maybe I have to try my luck again next time.(◎`ε´◎ )

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