Friday, May 25, 2012

Me and my Sunscreen Under the Sun!

Last May 5, we attended the "Friendship Day" event that was held in Iwakuni City in Yamaguchi.  It was held by the MCCS Iwakuni ( Marine Corps Community Services).     Click here if you want to see the photos I took from that event.    

It was a fun and unforgettable event..... 

It was my first time to attend on that kind of event. 

My husband didn't tell me that there would be no place to sit and that we have to bring our own umbrella before we leave.

I only brought a bull cap and sunglasses for sun protection because as I said, I didn't know that we will stand there under the sun for a long period of time.

Good thing I brought a bottle of spray type sunscreen with me which is the Raios waterproof UVA/UVB protection spray for face, body and hair.  Yes that is a very versatile Sunblock spray.

I sprayed it in my hair, my face and all over my arms and legs. 

But still, I wished there would be a water based sunscreen.  A sunscreen that could make me feel fresh even when I'm under the sun.

And then one day, when I'm watching tv, a commercial of Biore Aqua Rich appeared.

Oh! how happy I am when I saw that commercial!

Imagine? Last time, I was just wishing that there would be a water base sunscreen and after a few days, this Biore commercial appeared!

So when we went to the grocery, I looked for it and luckily, I found it. 

That day, I found out that I am really late with these kind of things. 

I saw a lot of water base sunscreen in different brands hanging in one side of the body lotion corner.

Biore is the cheapest among all those water base sunscreen brands .  Costs around 750+ if I'm not mistaken.  I'm so sorry I forgot the price but I will update this post after I check it again tomorrow.

Enough for my story and let's go ahead with the review.  I know that is what you want to see right? hehehe

Let's go with the UV Raios first.

*This spray type sunscreen costs 1,680円

*Has SPF50+ PA+++

*Waterproof UVA/UVB

*Lemon scent

*Protection Spray for face, body and hair.  Yes! So you are protected all over!

*Can be sprayed even with makeup on.

*Must spray only small amount for kids.

*has LPG so the bottle must not be placed in hot places nor spray in a place where there is fire like when someone is smoking or when cooking.... something like that.

*Avoid spraying your face with eyes open.

*Shake first before spraying.

*Spray 10-20cm away from the skin.

*Doesn't feel heavy and because it's waterproof, you can still enjoy swimming in the beach and protected from the sun at the same time.

*Content's color is white but transparent when sprayed.

*When we went to the Friendship day event, I forgot to give some love to my lower neck area, so here's what happened......

So that is the only part that I got sunburn.  My face, my arms, my legs, and my hair were ok.  My hair was a bit dry because of the sunscreen's formula but when I took a shower it was back to normal.

*This product is a bit expensive than other sunscreen products though but it's all worth it.  You are protected all over.

*It's just embarrasing to spray this in your body in front of madlang people. hehehe

Okay, now it's Biore UV Aqua Rich' turn.

*This water base sunscreen costs 750+円. ( Around that price. Can't remember.. I'll update this post tomorrow.)

*Has SPF50+ PA+++

*Made for face and body.

*Avoid in fabrics.

*Small amount is enough. =)

*Not waterproof.

*comes in a tube type.

*white color formula.

*Melts as you spread it.

*Can't apply with makeup on.  I use to apply this before applying makeup and after three hours, I use the UV Raios.

*Doesn't feel sticky or itchy into the skin.

*Cheap but do works!

*I feel fresh all day even reapplied it after every three hours.

**** I will definitely repurchase this two babies again.!!  Highly recommended by me! hehehe =P*****

How about you? What brand and type of sunblock do you use? 


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