Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sexy Dolly Makeup

Lately, I'd been experimenting different types of makeup that would compliment my hair. 

Believe me, I'm still not used to my hair.  Some of you adviced me to recolor my hair and some says it's fine and it fits me.

I don't know but maybe I will stick to this for a little while.....

.....because my husband loves it and I don't know why.  hahahah!

Anyway, back to the makeup.....

So I did this makeup yesterday.

It was my first time to film a video with my husband around.  He left in the morning for some personal matters and I didn't expect him to come home early...

So what I want to say is...

... you would see him in the video walking around, watching tv, waving his feet, smoking etc.

.... sorry for that.  Just don't mind him.

.. okay?...

.... just focus on what I am doing. hehehe

okay so here is the video and I hope you like it.  Enjoy!

Products used where captioned in the video. 

Some photos...

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