Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: MODEREAL 24h Perfect Gel Eyeliner

MODEREAL Perfect Gel Eyeliner

Hello my Dear Kawaii Sistahs!

Let me introduce to you my favorite baby at the moment.

I had a hard time finding the perfect gel liner for me ever since I started my self study in applying makeup.

I won't name brands though but I tried three different gel liners before.

I don't know if you can relate to this but those three gel liners that I've tried were just a waste of money. 

The first one got dried after a week so I have to throw it away.

The second one, I only tried it once.  It smudged easily and when I got home, my eyes can compare to a panda bear's eyes..   Soooo embarrassing! umaarte?? hahaha

The third one, it didn't get dry and it didn't smudged.  My only problem is, it felt so heavy in my eyes.  I also tried to used it to tight line my eyes and guess what?
My eyes felt like they can't breath!!!

Oh well!

So I stopped using gel liners for months and just stick to liquid eyeliners.

Last week, when me and hubby went shopping,  I went to cosmetics section while he went to his favorite section..----- Ice Cream Section!!

I was looking for some stuffs to include in my giveaway when I noticed something waving at me.

I turned around and saw some mascara,liquid eyeliners and  gel liners winking at me.

Since my husband is still finding his stuffs, I decided to try them out.

I tested each of them except for the mascara because I already have my favorite one, ---Majolica Majorca--- which you always see me using in my makeup tutorials.

My hands were full of black lines from the liquid eyeliners and gel liners I've tried.

I decided to purchase the blackest color I've got....

...and that is the MODEREAL Perfect Gel Eyeliner, costs 1,260円。

MODEREAL Perfect Gel Liner - Packaging
The other reason why I purchased this is because it has moisturizing ingredients to gently care for my eyelid, and also because of what is written at the top.

The Japanese words written at the top says:

Try it now!  Makeup arrange impression book
Edgy line based on the presence of the eye.
(Pls correct me if I'm wrong. )

I was thrilled to see what techniques I could learn.

book inspired packaging

Really looks like a book.  Look at the lock and key.  Not real but it's sooo cuteee!!

what's inside...  should I make a tutorial on this?

Super black and creamy but doesn't feel heavy in the eyes.

the brush that comes with the product

bristles are super fine 

swatch - as black as my hair tie

Smudge proof and water proof! Love eeettttt!!!!

Please watch my Sexy Dolly makeup video if you want to see me applying this product.
( applying MODEREAL starts at 3:37)

My final say about this product is:

*I love it because it doesn't smudge!
*I love it because it's a real waterproof thing!
*I love it because it's super black.
*I love it because it also has moisturizing ingredients to gently  care for my eyelid.
*I love it because it's long lasting.
*I love it because of the techniques I've learned.
*I love it because my money hasn't gone to waste.

Sorry but I can't say anything bad with this product.

This product is really my osusume! (recommendation)

You must try it!  Really!  para nanaman akong nagbebenta nito hahahaha

Would you like to try this too? 

Should I include this for my next giveaway?

Leave your comment below.


  1. sama dapat yan sa BAG B heheheh pwede ,, kung may time ka teh,, pwede u dn ba review mga products na nakakatanggal ng peklat lalo na ung mga old scars? can you recommend any? may mga japanese products ba na ganun jan?? and products that make eyelashes longer,, ;o thnx

    1. hahaha! hayaan mo next time isasama ko yan s giveaway. sa scars, hnd aq sure pero tanong q yan sa drugstore pag nag-grocery kami. Yung s eyelashes meron ditong mga serum but I haven't tried any pah. bibili aq bukas para ma-try and I will post my review maybe next week or next next week.. Medyo busy p kc ang lola.

      Thank you for your comment! =)

  2. fantastic pictures honey ;)
    I hope you have a lovely day



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