Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 July Glossy Box - Japan

Hello my kawaii sistahs!

I am so excited to tell you about my Glossybox for this month.

That is because I love all the stuffs I got for this month!

All the stuffs I got were all meant for me unlike last month...

I think I might like them and repurchase the full sizes..

Well, let's see.....

Anyway, below are the photos of the items I got...

SiBODY IL-CORPO Mineral Fit Smoother

シーボディ イルコルポ ミネラルフィットスムーサー

sample size for 1 time use- 60g
Full size in 600g costs 4,725円



Full size - costs 945円
I already tried this and for me this product is one of the ""
The color was nice.
What I don't like is it doesn't fit in my nails.
It doesn't lasts long either.
I'd rather use regular nail polish than this.
(updated August 03,2012)

BIODERMA Thank You! 10 Years Set

ビオデルマ 日本上陸10周年記念セット

sample size set

Bioderma Sebium H20 - I already tried this and it feels nice to the skin.  I used it to remove my makeup.  I felt so fresh after using this.  It smells like other normal toners. I will definitely purchase the full size of this one.  This is definitely a must have item for me.
(Updated August 03, 2012)

Fullacera Deep Vital C Lotion

フラセラ ディープバイタルC ローション

sample size - 8ml
Full size in 120ml costs 8,900ml
I already use this.
So far so good!
I will reupdate my review once I finished using all the contens =)
(Updated August 03,2012)

nesno balance shampoo & balance conditioner

ネスノ バランスシャンプー&バランスコンディショナー

3 sample sizes - shampoo 8ml -conditioner 8g
Full size: Shampoo in 300ml costs 1,950円
conditioner in 200g costs 1,950円

....and here is my video..

Final comment?

Well, I'm happy with my stuffs but let's see what else I can say once I tried them...

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