Saturday, July 7, 2012

Review and How to: AB Mezical Fiber in 1.00 - Double Eyelid Fiber

consists of 60 strips or 30 pairs of super fine stretch fiber, mini shaping stick, and a pink case. (also available in blue case with 120 strips.)


English instructions at the back:

Finally, I bought a pack of this product!

I'm a bit late, I know... but hey, I did love my ever trusted eyelid tapes.

...but you know, it's time for a change...

...for the better!

At first, I was hesitant to buy this product because for me, it's a bit pricey for 30 pairs compare to a 100円 eyelid tape. This product costs around 1,500円 if I'm not mistaken.

Forgive me for forgetting the price.  My husband has this attitude of throwing the receipts after paying.  He thinks that it's just another gomi. LOL

Anyway, back to our topic, so after so many hesitants, I finally had this one on our basket.

It's time to say goodbye to my eyelid tapes and liquid adhesive....

....and hello mezical fiber!

This product is recommended by a lot of makeup artists and celebrities here in Japan.

Actually, I first saw this product in a magazine.  The models used to use this on their eyes.

To know more about this product, please watch this video I made...

You will then know what I feel with this product...



  1. is the blue case 120pc and pink case 60pc is the same thing? like their are both invisible and waterproof and all that kind of stuff. reply me back as soon as u can. Thank you:)

  2. yes. they just differ in numbers =)

  3. the yt vid doesn't exist anymore :/


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