Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Trip to Huis Ten Bosch Part 3

No words can explain the excitement we had when we woke up the next day.
We woke up at 9 in the morning.  Yeah we overslept.. hihihi

We took a shower and ate our breakfast in the 1st floor.

where we ate our breakfast

After we ate our breakfast, we went back to our room.  We still had an hour and a half left before we check out so I did my makeup fast and made a room tour video.  After that, we fixed our things and head back to the lobby to check out.
 I forgot to tell in my previous post that One Piece rooms are non-smoking rooms so we have to go down to first floor's smoking area  to smoke.

You can leave your things in the lobby after you check out.  The hotel staff will give you a card number that you will present when you're ready to leave.

We can't help ourselves to take some photos in the patio before we leave and tour around Huis Ten Bosch. 

My husband asked me to take more photos here because he wants to have a replica of this in our house in the Philippines.  hmmmm..... saviiii???!!!  Good luck nman don hahaha

 Okay.  Enough for that and I'll let you see the view outside!

kawaii trash bins

To be continued...

Next part, I'll tour you to Shabondy House which is the main reason why we went to Huis Ten Bosch.

Part 1: Huis Ten Bosch (Arrival)

Part 2: One Piece Room Tour

Part 4: Shabondy House and the Pirates of One Piece

Part 5: Thousand Sunny Go and Mugiwara Pirates


  1. I am so glad you are back in the blogging world.My blogger dashboard did not show your previous 3 posts I don't know why o_0 but now I saw this one and I must say I enjoy these vlogs kind of posts.I hope you are having a good time <3
    PS: I hope you got my email in which I mentioned I have changed my GFC from sataa to szaidik and I got my prize pack, thanks again for that ,xx

    1. Hi Sataa! Thank you =) Yes I saw your email. I don't know why I wasn't able to reply.Maybe I was busy that time or I was out of town.. Sorry sorry sorry for that... I wanted to sub back to your blog but I don't know how LOL. Please forgive me for my dumbness.

      P.S. Thank you for your warm messages while I'm in the hospital. I really appreciate it. =))) Take care sweety <3

    2. Oh I found it! LOL! Done! Also subbed in Youtube =)

    3. Aww thank you soooo much I truly appreciate this kind gesture xoxo


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