Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Trip to Huis Ten Bosch Part 4 - Shabondy House and the Pirates of One Piece

Oh yeah!  Shabondy house!
Lots of photos with the pirates of One Piece!
Entrance to Shabondy House.  The lady lent me her mini pirate hat. 

restaurants and souvenir shops area

view at the back


We still had a lot of time before the Thousand Sunny Go cruise on it's second set so we decided to watch One Piece 3D film first.  It was only a 20-25 minute film.  Watching One Piece in 3D was really a lot enjoyable.  The fee is 500 yen per person by the way.

yeah I know! I look funny LOL!
You could see different flags and wanted posters scattered on the wall of the theater lobby.

Thousand Sunny Go

Mugiwara Pirates
Outside, there are also life size character boards of Mugiwara pirates.  Character boards, is that how you call it?  Please correct me if I'm wrong...

Because I love Luffy....


500 yen per ride.
After watching the movie, Thousand Sunny Go's staffs were not yet ready to accept passengers so we decided to ride the Mini Merry.
My husband is a very private person.  He asked me not to let his face be seen here in my blog.  Sorry for that...


After riding the Mini Merry, we ate our lunch in One Piece Restaurant

My meal - White Curry w/ Chopper's hat shaped Sakura Rice and oolong tea

Hubby's meal - spaghetti meatballs and oolong tea

After lunch, we went cruising with the Thousand Sunny Go. 
I will show you our photos inside the Thousand Sunny Go on another post...
My husband wanted to see Vincent Van Gogh's painting exhibit so we went there after.

After watching the exhibit, we went back to Shabondy House to take more photos and of course how can we forget to buy some souvenirs?

Old Chandelier

Me and the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma

Me with Trafalgar Law


Love how this group of students pose in pictures.  Planado talaga hahaha!  They also made a great pose with Trafalgar Law before we took our turn.

Huge Chopper inside the souvenir shop.

Popcorn anyone?  The bucket costs 1000 yen each (with popcorn inside)

Shopping Galore ang lola! Guess what's inside those bags..

To be continued....
Next part, get ready to cruise with the Thousand Sunny Go!


  1. Replies
    1. sugoii daro?! sa susunod Osaka naman. Xmpre One Piece din ang dahilan! hahaha! Yung amin kc bunso libre na yung entrance namin kc nag-check in kami s hotel sa loob. sabi ng asawa q cguro daw pag pupunta k lng n entrance lng ang babayaran baka daw mura lang kc marami kami nakasabay mga estudyante.

  2. this looks like heaven to me! and you're so lucky that your hubby supports you with your love for OP ^.^ btw I did some OP nail arts, maybe you wanna check them out, I would appreciate it!


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