Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Trip to Huis Ten Bosch Part 5 - Thousand Sunny Go and Mugiwara Pirates

Wahaaahhhh! Finally, third to the last part!
Upon entering the ship, you will see this souvenir shop/cafe on the left side.  Unfortunately, I am not aloud to eat takoyaki yet so I had to skip buying it but wouldn't be nice to have some photos of you eating takoyaki while riding in the ship just like Luffy does?  and I really wanted to have that mug!  Ahahaha! Luka-luka lang??!! Maybe next year hihihi!

Ussop Factory

Ussop Factory

cannon beside Ussop

The amazing emergency acceleration device

Video Tour 

From Ussop's factory, there's another door leading to Sanji and Chopper's corner.  The aquarium was also there.


Chopper's Corner

Sanji's Corner

 Video Tour 

Robin's Corner

After that, we went upstairs where Robin is.
On the stair wall, there were frames with pictures of the gang in sephia tone.
Oh!  Going Merry was also there by the way =)
Photo frames from bottom to top:
the hall leading to Robin's corner



Zoro's Corner:

Leaving Robin's room, there's the lawn on the deck.  There are two trees ( one has a swing that doesn't move) and Zoro was standing on the other side.

From the deck, there are stairs on both side.  One in the front side and one at the back side of the ship.  
 We went in the front side first where the helm is located. Luffy and Franky were there too.

Luffy and Franky's Corner:

Ehem!  Some Japanese were kind'a shy to pose in pictures but when they saw how we pose with the characters, some of them did the same! LOL!


Brook and Nami's Corner

Next, we went to the other side where Brook and Nami are.
That pink coated room with door is the dining room where Nami is. 
The crow's nest/Zoro's training room, and Nami's orange trees were also there but unreachable.

Brook's Corner:

Nami's Corner:

I punched my husband after this shot!! LOL!


More Photos from the Ship:

Upon exit, there were staffs giving each guests one souvenir card.  My husband and I got Luffy and Sanji's cards.

To be continued...

More of Huis Ten Bosch on the next part.

Thank you for your time reading my blog..

I hope you had fun cruising with the Thousand Sunny Go..


  1. Great blog! :D i hope i can go there :D i really love one piece ^-^ thanks for sharing~! <3

  2. I was going through the pics when suddenly I realize that they've changed the figures to post time skip LOL

  3. Very nice posts! I would love to go there, if I wouldn't live at the other side of the world. I love One Piece. <3

  4. i love it! its like ive been there myself! ^.^ im from the netherlands so i cant go there easely. but i realy love one piece. thank you so much!

  5. OMG, it's so beutiful, can you give me the address? please dear, i really want to visit this place! ♥

  6. Hope I'll be able to board it someday.≧﹏≦
    Please allow me to post it on FB.


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