Sunday, January 27, 2013

Loujene Rose Collection Moisturizing Body Butter

Hello my kawaii sistahs!!!!

Say hello to Loujene Rose Collection Moisturizing Body Butter!

This product was included in my last drugstore haul video.  

I got this product from Trial's 100 yen cosmetic corner but I heard that this is also available in hyakuyen shop or 100 yen shop but I haven't seen this in any Daiso stores though.

So obviously, this product costs 100 yen.

Made in China.

I'd been hunting for a nice and cheaper body butter and then I saw this and thought this might work.  You know, sometimes you have to turn your head on some cheaper products because sometimes you can find treasures on them.  Actually I found a lot of good products in Daiso and 100 yen shop. 

 Actually, last December, my sister asked me for a BB cream.  I sent her two BB creams.  One is the Pore Putty and the other one is from Daiso (the one worth 315 each and I haven't blog about it yet but I will soon!) and guess what?!  She likes the one from Daiso better than Pore Putty!!  She was so surprised when I told her that it is way cheaper than Pore Putty.  She said the color suits her tone very well and she didn't even get any breakouts.  She introduced it to her friends and they love it too and asked her if she could ask me to buy some more for them.

Okay enough for that.  We will talk about that in another post.

Let's go back with the Loujene.  

The Scent:

The scent is a bit too strong for me.  I don't use it when my husband is around.  He doesn't like the scent.  You know the scent of an air freshener for bathrooms??  I think that is how I can explain it.   

The Packaging:

The packaging I might say is not attractive.  At first sight, you will know that it's a cheap product.  Nothing's special.   The only thing that I like is the product was perfectly sealed inside. 

The Texture:

The texture is quite surprising.  It isn't that sticky and greasy.  No! You won't feel any of that.  It only feels like a regular lotion.  

Final thoughts:

I don't think there's something special with this product..  It didn't give that moisturizing effect that I've been looking for  a body butter.  


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  1. Cool Review, looks like a good product ^^

    Love from Emi x


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