Sunday, February 3, 2013

Product Review: Kose Moisture Skin Repair Rice Power Extract / モイスチュア スキンリペア (薬用保湿クリーム)

Hello my kawaii sistahs!  

Today, I want to introduce to you the cream that I am using right now.

Moisture Skin Repair
Rice Power Extract
Advance High Quality Moisture Care



コーセーのモイスチャ スキンリペア クリーム


* Contains Rice Power extract No.11,which promotes the production of ceramide and other intercellular lipids to boost our skin's moisture retention ability and enhance the barrier function of the horny layer to make the skin less prone to troubles such as dehydration.

* Rice power extract No.11 is 100% derived from Japanese rice, by a combination of rice and brewery fermentation technology.  Then fortified with lactic acid bacteria and yeast over 90 days.  Recognized for it's effects in boosting moieture retention ability.

* Acts on troubled skin to promote generation of ceramide and other intercellular lipids.

* Adopts the "long stay formula" that releases the rice power extract little by little within the skin to extend the efficacy to rice power extract while enhancing skin's barrier function

* Made in Japan


*、米と醸造発酵技術の組み合わせにで作られた、ライスパワーエキス11号は乳酸菌や酵母を強化、使用後約90日間 保湿能力を高めます。




* To be used as the last step of your daily night care regime.

*Apply an approximate pearl-sized amount on the entire face.

* 寝る前のスキンケアで最後に使って・・・

* 真珠の粒くらい取って全体に伸ばしてね

I like the packaging.  It's simple but elegant.  It's not too big either so I can bring it when I travel.


It has a mild scent of alcohol, somewhat fresh.  

Very mild scent...


The texture, I can't say it has a creamy texture..  How should I call it?....

mmmmm......... water-based, slightly cloudy and slippery when applied...


I feel like I'm applying Vaseline but not as sticky as Vaseline...

maybe that's the right description I can say regarding this product's texture.


This retails for ¥5,000 excluding tax for 40g but I got it for only ¥3,675 at Cosmos.


I am so impressed with this product.  After two weeks of using this, my skin became more supple and my pores were softened.  

It doesn't feel heavy on my skin and the most important thing is it didn't give me any breakouts!

This product really did it's job on moisturizing and repairing my skin.

A little amount is enough for my entire face.

I think this 40g product will last me for 2 months.

I got a lot of compliments.  It's not written in the description that it could whiten my skin but it does!  My sisters in the Philippines got envy with me and asked me what product I use.  

I got what I paid for!

I really recommend for you to use this product specially for this cold weather.

Try it and thank me later!







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