Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sophie Paris Philippines Bags and Cosmetics Haul

I was a Sophieholic once when I was still living in the Philippines.   Sophie Paris Philippines has a variety of products to offer.  From bags, clothings, shoes, and cosmetics, there were lots of variants to choose  from.  They are known for their high quality yet reasonably priced fashion products.

You don't know how expensive stuffs here in Japan if you convert it into Philippine peso.   So me and my kumareng Vilma asked my sister to buy us some Sophie products
and send them here in Japan.  

Here are the items that we purchased....

My items.....

Bag Azereix  Click here to see my review

koshize fuschia

Bought this for my readers.  These items will be included in my next giveaway. Stay tuned.

3D Lipgloss Strap

Sophie Lipstick in Ice Pink

10 in 1 makeup palette

Click here to see my review

Vilma's Items...

Bag Illuminete

Walet Desize

Bag Neo Miu

Sexy Cherry Lipstick

Brazillian Red Lipstick

Unfortunately, some of the items that we ordered were out of stock so we are still waiting for those. Special mention for their eyelash curler.  I really love their eyelash curler and I ordered 5 of those.  I can't find any eyelash curler as cheap and as good as that here so its a bit sad for me when I heard that it is out of stock..

Reviews and swatches in the next post....

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.   See you in the next post =)


  1. love love sophie lipsticks! well i have only bought two, ice pink and cotton peach and so far cotton peach is truly amazing. you should def check them out next time :)

    1. thank you! I haven't tried the cotton peach yet. I will ask my sister to send me one. I would like to try it too =)


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